Aged Care Services in the Lismore Shire

About Lismore, NSW, Australia

With a regional population of over 135,000 the Lismore Shire stretches from North Woodburn in the south to Nimbin in the north, from Clunes in the east to just west of Goolmangar and also including the villages of Bexhill, Caniaba, Dunoon, South Gundurimba, The Channon and Wyrallah with Lismore (pop. 43,000) the regional administration and business centre.

Known as the ‘Rainbow Region’ as a reflection of the regions diversity and desire for natural living, the high rainfall and sub-tropical climate adds to its natural beauty with some of the most picturesque villages, mountain scenery and rolling hills in the area.

Feros Aged Care and Community Services in Lismore

Feros Care offers the following services in the Lismore Shire. For more details, please contact us, or see the relevant pages by clicking the links below.

  • Home and Community Care services provide a basic range of at home services designed for the aged, frail and disabled who need support to continue living in their own homes.
  • Home Care Packages  provides a flexible package of in home care and support services to be people who need some assistance to remain living at home. This would include people who may have complex care needs and who would normally qualify for entry into a residential aged care home. Services include: personal care, meal preparation, domestic assistance, transport, shopping, social outings, medication management, allied health and wellness services.
  • Feros Care’s LifeLink Personal Alarms allows you and your loved-ones to feel confident about your decision to remain living at home. The alarm system consists of a Base Alarm, which is connected to your home phone, and a mobile Pendant. The alarm is linked to a 24/7 Response Centre staffed by trained and quick-thinking operators capable of addressing any home emergency or problem.
  • LifeLink Telecare ‘Smart Home’ Technologies provides assistive technology solutions to support people with a wide variety of care needs to live safely and independently in their own home. The Telecare solution includes a  range of care and environmental sensors that can assist in managing risks associated with an individual’s health and home environment.
  • LifeLink Telehealth Monitoring allows for the remote daily vital signs and health monitoring of clients. Feros Care’s Telehealth Monitoring Solutions provides support to those living with single or multiple long term conditions, including Chronic Heart Failure (CHF), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), diabetes, and hypertension, to help them continue living independently and better understand their health care, therefore improving their health and lifestyle.
  • Veterans’ Community Nursing provides clinically necessary nursing and personal care services to eligible Australian veterans, war widows and widowers in their own homes.
  • Private Services Feros Care can provide you with innovative and affordable in home care and support anywhere in the Lismore Shire. We have no specific eligibility requirements or waiting lists which provides you with the perfect solution to continue a happy and healthy lifestyle in your own home.

Lismore Respite Care

  • Residential Respite Care is designed for carers who need overnight, weekend or week long respite.
  • Veterans’ Home Care is a Department of Veterans’ Affairs program that helps Australian veterans, war widows and widowers with low care needs to maintain their health and wellbeing and remain living independently in their own homes.

Lismore Residential Care

Our residential care services are all located in the Byron Shire but they are open to anyone seeking a ‘seachange’ or wanting to relocate to be closer to family and friends.

Contacting Feros Care

Would you like more information about how Feros care can assist you or your loved one in Lismore? If so, you can contact Feros Care directly on 1300 763 583, or click this link and fill out the contact form to obtain more information via e-mail.