Veterans' Community NursingVeterans’ Community Nursing


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Service Description

Veterans’ Community Nursing provides clinically necessary nursing and personal care services to eligible Australian veterans, war widows and widowers in their own homes.

Community nursing seeks to restore or maintain the maximum level of health and independence for veterans at home and helps to avoid premature or inappropriate admittance to hospital or residential care.

Community nursing services are provided by a mix of personnel including registered nurses, enrolled nurses and nursing support staff.


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Feros Care At Home Services

Care Package

Our care package includes:

  • Care planning and ongoing assessments
  • Personal Care
  • Nursing Care

For more information on the care package contact our Aged Care Advisory Team on 1300 763 583.

Signature Features

Our signature features that can ‘make a difference’ include:

  • services delivered by professional and qualified care-givers who have a passion for working with aged people and people with a disability and see it as a privilege to do so
  • use of best practice guidelines to ensure services are targeted and responsive to individual needs
  • assistance with arranging regular and planned respite breaks
  • priority access to other Feros Care community, respite and residential care services


Only members of the veteran community are entitled to access Veterans’ Community Nursing service. To be eligible you must be:

  • a veteran of the Australian Defence Forces; or
  • a war or defence widow or widower of a veteran of the Australian Defence Forces;

and have either

  • a Repatriation Health Card – for all conditions (Gold Card); or
  • a Repatriation Health Card – for specific conditions (White Card).

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs is available to discuss veteran eligibility status on 133 254 or you can visit Department of Veterans’ Affairs website.

Easy Access Steps


Think about what nursing care and support you need to continue living at home. How would a community nursing service help you? Discuss your needs with your doctor, your family and/or your friends.


To receive services from our Veterans’ Community Nursing service you will need a written referral from your GP, another GP who is treating you under Department of Veterans’ Affairs arrangements, a treating hospital doctor, a hospital discharge planner, or the Veterans’ Home Care Assessment Agency. A referral is valid for 12 months.


The referral agency will conduct an assessment, determine your eligibility and contact a service provider. You can ask for the referral to be forwarded to Feros Care on your behalf.


One of our experienced Registered Nurses will contact you once the referral has been received by us. A Feros Registered Nurse will visit you at home and determine your clinical need in consultation with you, and your loved-ones, including the type and frequency of care needed.


Prepare to receive the community nursing care services you need to stay at home and look forward to an improved quality of life.

Value Adding

Not applicable.


The Department of Veterans’ Affairs will pay for assessed community nursing for veterans’ with a Repatriation Health Card – for all conditions (Gold Card).

For those with a Repatriation Health Card – for specific conditions (White Card), the Department of Veterans’ Affairs will pay for assessed community nursing if the clinical need is associated with:

  • an accepted war or service-caused injury or disease
  • malignant cancer (neoplasia), whether war-caused or not
  • pulmonary tuberculosis, whether war-caused or not
  • post-traumatic stress disorder, whether war-caused or not
  • anxiety and/or depression, whether war-caused or not

Feros Care will bill the Department of Veterans’ Affairs directly for community nursing provided.