The rules of the game have changed. The healthcare and aged care industries globally and nationally, and consequently organisations are facing unprecedented disruption and continuous change.

The key disruption derives from customers increasingly making their own healthcare purchasing decisions; and making this transition amid regulatory and consumer uncertainty in a fairly short timeframe as new entrants and reforms open the marketplace to greater competition.

In the face of this volatility and complexity, Feros Care is transforming from a supply-led to a demand-led philosophy and approach. This means a comprehensive change in our strategy, structure, systems and services. And we are up for it!

Our ambition for 2020 is to Enable Bold Lives. This is our brand promise to the market. Our commitment is to empower people to live vibrant, healthy, independent and connected lives. To help us to deliver this promise, our 2020 Strategic Intent comprises of the five measurable commitments:

#1: Empowering People to Live & Age Well

Creating and building unique and innovative products and services which prevent, manage and rehabilitate health and wellbeing issues that empower our clients to live and age well.

#2: Celebrating Ageing & Growing Bold

Implementing social impact programs including creative arts in ageing and health, delivering innovative programs to tackle social isolation and loneliness and to empower bold lives.

#3: Cementing in our Service Footprint

Rolling out our full range of services including the growth of our own staff teams across our entire service footprint. Reducing our reliance on service partners and contractors and giving our clients the Feros experience.

#4: Diversifying & Increasing our Client Base

Diversifying our services into new business units in new and adjacent markets so that we are less dependent on the Department of Health (Aged Care) and our future is secured.

# 5: Delivering a Unique Customer Experience

Embedding our brand promise in every single thing that we do. Implementing customer led design of products and services that attract, delight and retain our clients.