Ask Gran Not Google is an inter-generational project that encourages children to seek the wisdom and life experience of a senior before searching the internet for answers. By doing so, children gain insight into the valuable role seniors can play in their lives and society.


Feros Care will supply your school with a FREE kit which includes:

  1. Facilitator Guide for Teachers
  2. A pencil case, pen and sticker for each child
  3. Two postcards for children to write their question


Children of all ages write their question on their postcard. This can be shared with a senior via post, in person at a morning or afternoon tea or used as a palm card during a video call.

Ask Gran Not Google is a great way to celebrate Grandparents Day which will be held on 28 October this year. Alternatively, the project can be used to deliver other learning objectives.

What Schools are Saying

The key to remember is that google is information but grannies are information and experience.
Colin Irvin, Teacher, Beenleigh State High School
It is an automatic response for us to go to technology. The teachers appreciate this resource. Children are realising that there are other ways to find out information.
Michelle Chandler, Principal, Lindisfarne Grammar Junior College

I loved doing Ask Gran Not Google. Nana is way better than a screen. Did you know that ages ago, there was no speaker phone so you had to keep the phone to your ear and you only had one rubbish bin? No recycling.
Charlotte Musgrove, Student, Lindisfarne Grammar Junior Campus


How To Get Involved

Getting involved is easy! Choose how you’d like to be part of the project by clicking on the buttons below.

Join the Ask Gran Not Google Facebook group to collaborate with other schools and keep up to date with the project.


Ask Gran Not Google has featured on Sunrise and ABC Radio  

Watch Sunrise on 7 interview
Listen - ABC Brisbane interview

At Feros Care, we love Google, gadgets and Grans! This initiative is designed to spark conversation between generations and if necessary search google for answers together.

Ask Gran Not Google is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Visit for more information.