Janet Quigley has spent three decades in the public service across various portfolios, including health, infrastructure and foreign affairs, developing vast experience in strategic policy and program delivery.

During an 18-year stint with the Commonwealth Department of Health, Janet designed and implemented a range of health care reforms and worked closely with community and primary health networks to investigate different models of care for people with chronic illness. During this time, she linked and interfaced with aged care, piquing her interest to discover how it was delivered at a grassroots level.

She joined the Board in 2020, having heard positive reviews from colleagues about Feros Care’s technological innovations and patient-centred care. Janet is passionate about advocating for choice, high-quality care and opportunities to contribute to the community. She has brought her expertise in macro-level government policy and strategic planning to Feros Care to ‘make a positive different to people’s lives and the community’. Janet lives in Canberra with her family.

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