Feros Care is a supportive and generous employer.  We are passionate about engaging and retaining staff and strive to create employee career pathways.  We also recognise and reward ideas, innovations, new thinking and creativity. 

All staff can access a comprehensive reward and recognition program and a benefits scheme.  Everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow, contribute, laugh and play.  Our reward and recognition program is evolving all the time.  Below is what we currently offer.

Applauding Innovation Program

This program was created to offer a simple pathway for staff ideas to become a reality. Feros care honour staff achievements that develop innovative work practices, service delivery and growth initiatives. 

Staff Recognition

For over twenty years we have celebrated our staff successes and hard work, recognising the contributions of so many and showcasing individual talents amongst colleagues. Our Awards Program includes recognition for all the Feros Values with annual staff nominations, awards presentations and gifts.

Feedback Survey

We regularly receive feedback from clients, carers, their families and staff via our feedback and organisation survey. With so many talented staff assisting across the board in our communities, you can be certain someone may have chosen you to be celebrated.  If so, we will be sure to let you know.


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