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CPR, First Aid, and Mental Health First Aid​

Person demonstrating how to do CPR on a dummy

All community aged care roles require First Aid and CPR training upon appointment. If this certification expires while a team member is employed at Feros Care, we will absorb the cost of refresher training. We also seek volunteers from across the business to be First Aid Officers/Champions, responsible for providing emergency care before medical help arrives.

In addition, all employees are offered the opportunity to complete their mental health first aid (MHFA) training, funded by Feros Care. This provides a valuable skillset to assist people experiencing mental illness in the absence of professional help. Potentially lifesaving, this holistic approach to training forms an important part of our multilayered Workplace Wellbeing Strategy.

Mental Health First Aid

Feros Care offers employees the option to complete an accredited mental health first aid (MHFA) course. Delivered thoughtfully in a safe, honest and inclusive environment by a highly qualified facilitator, participants learn potentially lifesaving early intervention skills. This face-to-face program explains how to identify, connect with, and respond to someone experiencing mental illness in the absence of professional help.

MHFA training has been extremely well received by Feros employees from a wide range of positions and departments. With one in five Australians suffering from mental illness, it’s no surprise that an extremely high percentage of participating team members report using the techniques both professionally and in their personal lives. Understanding how to have those initial conversations is another way we are helping our employees support others, and creating better outcomes for people navigating mental illness.

Student in training course

Mental Health First Aid course testimonials
by Feros Care team members

I cannot relay how important the mental health awareness training has been to me. I have gained further understanding into mental health and what an essential part of our overall health it is. If I meet someone in need during my work in the community or in general life, I will rely heavily on this new knowledge. Jane delivers some very difficult subject matter in such a way that it makes you feel safe and comfortable, and confident to ask the tough questions you would normally shy away from. Do yourself and everyone you know a favour – take this course!

Ann Fardy

Before attending the MHFA training, I was unsure talking to my family, friends and clients about their mental health. I learnt that mental illness is a medical condition that affects people in similar ways to major health conditions. I also gained immense empathy and understanding.

Prior to the course, I didn’t feel like I had the answers, but have since been able to encourage at least four people to seek support from their GP and given out phone numbers for professional help.

The program itself was interactive and I felt it was a safe space to ask difficult questions and get honest responses. It was by far the best training I have had in my five-plus years working at Feros Care and I would encourage all employees to do it.

Holly Kiggins

Training course classroom: student with hand up and teacher looking their way

Feros Story

Mental Health First Aid — Training beyond the physical

Feros Care is proud to be one of the trailblazing organisations, providing optional MHFA to all members of our valued team.

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