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Training, Learning & Development

Feros Care is extremely focussed on nurturing employee development to help our people thrive in their current and future roles. This has inspired us to create a comprehensive, all-inclusive, and multi-layered learning and development framework which supports our diverse workforce’s professional growth.

Group photo from Feros Care's Emerging Leaders Development Program Graduation Ceremony

Learning & Development Framework

Orientation Program

When a new team member starts, they complete our corporate orientation program. This is done electronically, teaching employees all about the organisation and the ‘Feros Way’. In addition, they undertake role-based orientation to set them up for success in their new position. If a specific qualification is required to work in an aged care and/or disability role, we fund the nationally recognised training, plus pay our team members to complete these studies. We also implement various support measures for those wishing to gain a university level qualification in a clinical discipline.

LinkedIn Learning

All leaders and shared services team members are allocated a LinkedIn Learning seat to allow flexible, self-managed professional development. Equally important, our operational team members’ professional development is supported by an annual education calendar. This is delivered in-house and externally, covering relevant facets of human skills and clinical care practice.

Leadership Development & Training

We believe leadership skill development is extremely important across the board, irrespective of position, department and tenure. Therefore, whether you are an emerging leader or an executive leader, individually tailored learning pathways are put in place to nurture and refine leadership potential.

Training Delivery

All training is delivered using a blend of self-directed learning modules, face to face workshops, virtual facilitator-led sessions, group or individual coaching, podcasts and videos. This is in line with the VAK learning model combining visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic learning. Training is then structured so that 70% of learning is on-the-job, 20% takes place in an informal environment, and 10% in a formal setting.

To deliver effective learning and development programs, we partner with external providers who are experts in their respective fields. Combined with our in-house training and emphasis on user-friendly learning, our employees have a clear roadmap to meet their individual career development goals.

Nationally recognised training

Certain roles in the aged care and disability sectors require a nationally recognised qualification. Feros Care is proud to not only fund these qualifications, but also pay our employees to study. Through our partnerships with ARC Group and NSW TAFE, we offer a Certificate III in Individual Support, Certificate IV in Individual Support, and Certificate III in Commercial Cookery.

We also support team members looking to advance their career with a university level qualification in a clinical discipline. This includes either assistance with course payment, the provision of paid or unpaid study time, time off for exams, or assistance with purchasing textbooks.

ARC Training Case Studies

Professional development

Feros Care recognises that providing opportunities for ongoing growth and development is critical to build the competencies of our workforce. The Organisational Capability Team has partnership arrangements with several specialist providers to support the vast diversity of our company’s needs.  

All leaders and shared services team members are allocated a LinkedIn Learning seat upon joining the organisation. This self-directed and self-managed development approach offers thousands of courses to build new skills or refine existing skillsets. For our operational team members, an annual education calendar has been developed to cover all facets of human skills, clinical care, and practice. A broad variety of content is included in the calendar, such as dementia training, diabetes training, wound care, and much more. The Organisational Capability and Culture Team adopts a blended approach to delivery, with internally built and self-guided modules, facilitator-led modules, and training executed by our specialist external partners.  

Irrespective of position, department and tenure, we are committed to nurturing and further developing all employees’ leadership skills. Carefully curated and individually tailored learning pathways are in place for Emerging Leaders, Team Leaders, and Senior and Executive Leaders. Plus, if a leader identifies an individual or group training void that cannot be filled by our internal or external programs, they are welcome request this via the Organisational Capability and Culture Team.


A key part of our Learning and Development strategy is our partnerships with external training providers. They boast a wealth of expertise in their respective fields with a delivery style closely aligned with the Feros Care approach. Our current partner portfolio includes a number of highly respected organisations, engaged for mandatory training, nationally recognised training, professional development, and leadership training. These carefully selected providers are LinkedIn Learning, Evolve Communities, Dementia Australia, NSW University, Bond University, Southern Cross, Janison, Ausmed, BlueKnot and ARC Group. Partnering with such a diverse and highly proficient network enables our team members to tap into expert knowledge delivered by like-minded organisations.

Student placements

We love supporting student placements and people seeking work experience in this extremely rewarding industry. With the majority of participants hailing from Registered Training Organisations such as TAFE, schools and universities, this is our chance to help shape the future of aged and disability care.  

Sharing our knowledge, technologies and systems is hugely beneficial to those looking at a career in the sector. The real value, however, stems from sharing our passion, dedication, and soft skills – the qualities which make Feros uniquely Feros. Gaining hands-on experience while you study and learning our service principles, ethos and model of care is truly invaluable. Plus, many of our student placements have gone on to secure employment within the Feros community, forging an exciting career with significant growth opportunity. 

I feel very humble and grateful to Feros Care for providing the opportunity to participate in the Emerging Leaders learning and development program. I chose this training to refine my current skills, gain new skills and perspective, build confidence, maximise performance, and prepare for a new role. What I learned from both the facilitators and others undertaking the training is truly invaluable.

Sona Vaid

LinkedIn Learning self-paced courses are very flexible and user friendly, as they can be completed in your own time when it’s convenient to do so. There is such a broad range of high-quality courses to choose from, and I even learned a foreign language! You can also share course certificates on your LinkedIn profile so that others can see your progress and achievements. I love that Feros Care is so supportive of employees diversifying, reskilling, and upskilling, and offer a variety of pathways to aid career progression.

Maji Gantiva Mancipe

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