Let's end loneliness in Australia together

Feros Care has launched a new project to help create a more well-connected world. We all need someone meaningful in our lives and to be that someone for others too. Because when everyone has their someone, we’ll end loneliness for good.

To date we have 400 pieces in distribution to a wide variety of people committed to this project, including 100 professional artists plus an array of celebrities including Channel 7’s Johanna Griggs, social commentator Prue MacSween, social influencer Dani Stevens, celebrity chef Pete Evans, Australian actor Damon Gameau, TV presenters Sonia Kruger and Richard Wilkins, plus more to be announced!

But it doesn’t stop there! We have a tattoo artist, a performing artist representing the LGBTIQA+ community, an artist representing refugees in Australia, indigenous artists, local artists both emerging and established, a well-established sculptor, a successful writer, an astrology artist, an illustrator from The Australian, NDIS participants, service providers in the NDIS space, seniors, a founder of a charity called Share the Dignity and Baby Give Back, a young citizen of the year now running an exhibition to raise funds to educate children in Mozambique, a representation of Feros Care clients from around our regions, Feros Care staff, family and friends, school children, kindy kids... the list goes on!

Wow! What an incredible response we have had – we’ve exceeded our numbers in just two weeks. We’re sorry, but this means we no longer accept any more entries.

What this shows is how keen Australians are to get together to end loneliness. Stay connected with us and we’ll give you plenty of opportunities to get involved.

What's next?

What is the connection project?

Inspired by the work of Tim Kelly, US artist and curator, the Connection Project is a visual collaborative arts project based on the notion that although we are all individuals, we have a place in the community and are better together.


Man standing in front of puzzle art installation


More than 250 individuals from community and public life are invited to participate in the project. All participants are asked to represent what “belonging” means to them personally, by creating a piece of their own art on one of 250 individual 61cm x 61cm jigsaw pieces in response to the theme "I feel most loved when...". Each “artist” will sign their work and provide a short narrative as an artist statement.

The result will see hundreds of giant artistic jigsaw pieces created by individual artists and assembled together into a massive jigsaw connection art installation. The finished puzzle pieces will form part of an installation to be displayed at the grand launch event of Feros Care’s end loneliness project at the end of November at a venue in Byron Bay.

The Connection Project is intended to:

  • Create conversations and change around loneliness and what matters most – a sense of belonging and connection with others
  • Be a fun collaborative arts program resulting in a massive art installation with hundreds of puzzle piece artworks displayed
  • Provide a platform to raise funds and awareness for Feros Care's end loneliness mission
Artwork displayed on puzzle piece

How do I get involved?

You do not have to be an artist to participate, you just need to have something to say. Each piece is an individual story. Your story.

The jigsaw piece will be provided to you FREE of charge. You will then need to decorate it sourcing and using your own supplies to complete the artwork. 

To get involved, you simply need to fill out the form below and wait for your puzzle piece to arrive in the mail. 

Before you do, make sure you familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions and frequently asked questions by clicking here.

When will I receive the piece and when is the deadline?

Pieces will be distributed to you from 23 September 2019. You will have up to a month to create your artwork. 

All pieces must be returned to the address below by 1 November 2019. 

Feros Care
Reply Paid 84337
Coolangatta QLD 4225

What will the puzzle pieces be used for?

Hundreds of puzzle pieces have been made available to schools, corporations, communities, arts groups and galleries, organisations, support groups, clients, staff and volunteers.

Each piece will connect with another to form a giant jigsaw. All the finished puzzle pieces will form part of an installation to be displayed at the grand launch event of Feros Care’s end loneliness project on Thursday 28 November at a venue in Byron Bay. 

More to come...

Fill out the form below and we can keep you up-to-date with our initiatives to end loneliness for good.