Your plan review is an opportunity for you to check if your supports are working for you and they are helping you work towards and achieve your goals.

Depending on your preference, a plan review can be done face-to-face or over the phone. You are welcome to bring along, or include in the call, a family member, friend, advocate or other person when your plan is reviewed.

Is the plan within 3 months of the plan end date? If so, an appointment may be made for a scheduled review. You will need to gather reports from therapists and information which may support your request. You can call Feros Care on 1300 986 970 to apply for an unscheduled review. An LAC may assist if required. You may like to attend a Feros care office on Feros Fridays where an LAC can assist you on the spot without an appointment. If they are unable to attend a support connection appointment may be offered.