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What Can I Spend My Home Care Package (HCP) On? – FAQs | Feros Care

If you’ve been wondering “what can home care package funds be used for?”, you will be pleased to note that you can access a number of services and support tools through your Feros Care Home Care Package (HCP).

Home services

The following in-home care services are available for all home care package levels (1,2,3 & 4).
These services provide a little extra support to help you stay independent for longer and are designed to help you keep your home clean, tidy and safe.

Housekeeping Cleaning, laundry, and changing linen, ironing.
Gardening & Lawn Mowing Including helping with vegetable gardens, weeding etc.
Spring Cleans Windows, scrubbing walls, cobwebs, cleaning out cupboards, decluttering.
Maintenance Cleaning gutters, driveway cleans, fix doors, clean ovens, clean blinds/curtains.
Home Safety Smoke, gas and heat alarms, security alarms/modifications and falls detectors.
Home Cooked Meals ‘Cook-ups’ with your favourite recipes, international foods, baking cakes/slices, roasts.
Downsizing & Moving houses Help pack, declutter and clean.

Health Services

In-home health care services for seniors are available for all home care package levels but your specific HCP level will determine how often you can access each service. Seniors with high-care needs (HCP Levels 3 & 4) will generally have these services
provided by a care worker or nurse most days or daily.

Dementia care Providing assistance including technologies, respite for the carer, day centre respite (pay), advice and support, music therapy, home sensors.
Nursing Medication prompting and monitoring, pain management, chronic disease monitoring including diabetes, heart and lung disease (telehealth), post hospital care.
Personal care Assist with showering, personal hygiene, hair and beauty.
Mental wellbeing Suggest home modifications, equipment and tools to assist you stay safe and independent including specialised cooking equipment, shower/toilet chairs, hand/grab rails and technologies such as sensors.
Podiatry A podiatrist visiting the home to assist with foot and nail care.
Respite care A break for carers to attend to errands, social and wellbeing activities (eg day respite or transporting a loved one to day centre respite).
Occupational therapy Social workers for family matters, advocacy, life planning and psychologists to assist with anxiety and depression.


In addition to in-home care services, your home care package funding can also be used for a range of technological aids, including personal alarms and virtual health monitoring (VHM) solutions to help you stay safe and feel confident at home.

Devices & Device support We can help you to get connected to the internet including use of email, Facebook, banking and online shopping, connect with family and friends, use of smart phone/tablet, Skype, tech support, training and assistance.
Personal Alarms Pendants and sensors that can assist with detecting falls or contact help in an emergency.
Virtual Health Monitoring Daily wellbeing visits, phone calls or remote monitoring (Technology and Telehealth Nurse).

Entertainment & Wellbeing

Your home care package can also be used for entertainment and to help you improve your wellbeing through exercise and companionship programs. Most of the services below are available with HCP levels 1-4.

Transport To appointments, social activities, visiting family and friends, to/from hospital. Door to door service including errands eg bank, shops, library, golf.
Exercise programs One on one visits from physio or exercise physio to assist with mobility, increased strength, balance to prevent falls and to assist people move around with confidence.


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