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About Fearless Season 3

Set to premiere on International Day for Older Persons on 1 October 2021, the third season of Fearless is a collection of five short films that challenges traditional views and stereotypes around ageing by showcasing the stories of senior Australians who are anything but retired. These rockstars of ageing are still giving 100% in their careers or fearlessly volunteering their time for others - all of this at 70 years and over!

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Bev Grant Lipscomb, 72

Bev was part of the Stolen Generation. Raised in a mission against her parents' will, she fought against the odds to become who she is now.

Kelvin Gregory, 78

Dedicated to keeping the spirit of campdrafting alive, Kelvin continues to train and mentor young riders so that they can experience some of the golden era of country living.

Ep Lammers, 86

A migrant himself, Ep understands and appreciates the role of multiculturalism when it comes to supporting and mentoring disadvantaged youths.

Heather O'Connor, 80

At the age of 70 Heather and a group of friends opened a secondhand bookshop. With no plan and no books, they had no expectations. Ten years later, she and the shop are still going strong.

Jazmin Theodora, 83

Jazmin was born a psychic with the ability to see things, and she isn't afraid of death or the judgement of others. The tarot-reading trailblazer is here to show the world the fearless life she's led.

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Photo of Esther Coleman

Esther Coleman

I’m a smart, creative and innovative producer with a wealth of worldwide programming experience. From the award-winning Revolution School for ABC1 to the Logie-nominated Last Chance Saloon, my goal is to bring intimate stories to life with insight and humour.   I’m also a long-standing, and enthusiastic, veteran of development. I thrive with the challenge of turning an exciting idea into a successful TV series. Some of my favourite success stories are Luke Warm Sex, Secrets of Our Suburbs and House of Food Obsessives.   Alongside two decades of program making, I love coaching and mentoring people both inside and beyond the media industry.  I’ve helped people kick start their projects and revamp, restart or change careers.  I’m driven by the fact that I love working and I think, given how much of our lives most of us spend at work, that we need to do something that meets our needs.

Photo of Denise Erikson

Denise Erikson

I bloody love “television” – creative content made for all platforms – and my career has allowed me to play in that particular sandpit for more years than I can remember! I binge watch everything from high-end (and low rent) drama and documentary to factual and reality shows.   I’ve worked as a journalist, producer and Executive Producer around the world - and in brilliant jobs as Head of Factual and Head of Current Affairs at the ABC and Head of Production and Development at SBS.   I regularly consult for international companies setting up in Australia – and I’m currently Development Executive in Australia for Arrow Media UK.   In tandem with my production and commissioning career, I’ve made it my mission to ensure that talented people access the training and resources they need to forge their careers. I’ve run courses for the BBC, ITV, ABC, SBS, NITV, TVNZ and RTE. Most recently, I trained journalists and producers in Ho Chi Minh–and worked as co-Director of Make It in Melbourne for AFTRS and Film Vic.   My career highlights? Making shows that audiences love, create careers or educate while entertaining. Oh – and bringing Australia’s own Eurovision broadcasts to SBS.

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A collection of inspirational short stories showcasing the surprisingly bold lives of nine Northern Rivers seniors over the age of 75.

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