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At the age of 69 Heather and a group of friends opened a secondhand bookshop. With no plan and no books, they had no expectations. Eleven years later, she and the shop are still going strong.

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Photo of Heather O'Connor

Heather O'Connor

Bookseller, activist and forever learner, at 80 Heather has been running a secondhand bookstore for 11 years. Her and another four women came together to open the shop as a way to always have something to read between themselves. With the years, the store has transformed into a community centre, and Heather gets just as passionate about the causes she fights for now as she did back in her years in politics.


Photo of Jonnie Leahy

Jonnie Leahy


Jonnie Leahy is a storyteller with a deep understanding of the creative process. Over the past three decades Jonnie has worked his way from in front of the camera to behind it, working in various roles until his passion for directing became clear. Jonnie independently produced first feature film SKINDEEP was nomimated by the ADG for best direction in a feature film in 2017. It was released in cinemas domestically, screened on Australian network television and released in Germany, Canada and the United States. Jonnie lives on the NSW south coast with his family and is developing a number of new projects.