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5 fashion icons over 50 breaking the internet

Forget beige colours, forget dull cuts, and forget what you know about “older fashion” – fashion trends for women over 50 don’t have to be boring, and these incredible fashion icons prove just that!

Once we reach a certain age, we start to feel more inclined to reach for safe outfits instead of what we feel good in. There is no reason why we couldn’t adapt the pieces we’ve once loved into our lives again with the right improvements.

As one of our Fearless Films stars, Wendy, has put it:

Forget about what Coco Chanel said, you know, look in the mirror, what you got on, take one piece off. No way, add another piece I say! – Wendy, 79 and fearless

Now more than ever, over-50 style icons are taking over – whether that’s through social media, blogs, or fashion campaigns, these ladies show us that anything is possible.

Below are some of our favourite fashion trends above 50 that resonate through the styles of all these five fashion icons. We hope you feel just as inspired as we do!

Colourfy your life – Just like Sarah Jane Adams

Sarah Jane Adams

Whoever said that colour is for the young must’ve been crazy. Colour is for everyone! Believe it or not, adding a bit of brightness has never hurt anyone.

Sarah Jane Adams started her Instagram 4 years ago, when she began to sell her jewellery. Since then, she has become an “anti-fashion icon” – a title that is indicative of her style which is unruly, boho, and unashamedly colourful.

She wears pinks and reds better than many younger people do. She is bold and brave enough to go crazy on the colours – as you should be!

If you have a darker skin tone, then you’re in luck, as any colour will look great on you. If you have a lighter skin tone, it’s best to start with the colour of your eyes, and experiment with other colours in order to find one that best complements your features. Different colours are flattering on different people, so there are no rules here – shine bright like a rainbow and like Sarah, and don’t be afraid to reach for a new colour combination every once in a while.

Op shop for hidden treasures – Just like Mel Kobayashi

Mel Kobayashi
Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. People often opt for not buying new clothes as a way to save money – but what if I told you that you don’t have to spend a fortune on the latest fashion?

Fashion icon and style adventurer Mel Kobayashi is the queen of vintage clothes. Her colourful outfits almost always include vintage elements sent to her from faraway countries. But even if you don’t have relatives sending you amazing pieces from Japan, the closest Lifeline or Vinnies will do just as well.

Op shops are like treasure chests, waiting to be raided by fashionistas like yourself. Everything comes back in fashion, which is why you can find some amazing gems.

Nina found out about the magic of op shops at the age of 97 – don’t wait till then, gather your girlfriends and you can easily make a day out of it. Even if you buy more things than you need, you still won’t spend a fortune – it’s technically impossible!

Make ‘em and wear ‘em – Just like Wendy Taylor

Wendy Taylor
Why not combine fun and fashion? A lot of us have a flair for the creative but we don’t always put these forces to use. Who said you have to buy everything you wear? Try making it. Whether that’s making necklaces out of loose beads, sewing or ironing on details, or learning how to make clothes from scratch, let your creative energies soar. Wendy Taylor does exactly that. Wendy is the perfect example, as she recycles and makes just about anything into fashion – hats, jackets, scarves, you name it.

I love making things out of bits and pieces. It’s the bowerbird in me I guess.

Her Instagram takes us on a journey from fresh market veggies all the way to the intricate and unique pieces she creates for herself and her friends to wear. Why not get your long forgotten sewing machine out and give it a go?

Add some denim to your day – Just like Sophie Fontamel

Sophie Fontamel
If you’ve ever had your doubts, we are here to clear things up: denim looks fabulous on women over 60! We don’t mean denim head to toe. We don’t mean those low-rise, early 2000 jeans. We mean marvelous and fashionable jeans, whether that’s a straight leg, skinny, or trouser cut.

Depending on your figure, there are a variety of denim paths you could take. If you’re a bit bigger on the bottom, go for a trouser cut or boot cut, as the flare will help draw attention away from your mid-section and make you look slightly taller. If you are a bit smaller on the bottom, then skinny jeans were made for you. Don’t make the mistake of assuming they only look good below a certain age – try on a pair and rock it with confidence!

Sophie Fontamel is a fabulous critic of all things fashion, and she rocks some form of denim at least once a week. Her style transforms her into a true icon – she is perfectly curated without trying, and fashionably careless without looking like she just got out of bed.

Although she often opts for flares and mum jeans, you should choose stretchy jeans, like ones with at least 2% spandex content, and you won’t have to worry about any “problematic areas”. If you’re a proud member of the grey hair club, then be sure to invest in a pair of dark navy jeans – this will create a beautiful final look.

Experiment, experiment, experiment! – Just like the Style Crone

Judith Boyd, the Style Crone
Things start going a bit downhill as we get older, there is no way around that. But if there’s one great thing we can get away with, it’s out of the box fashion choices. Now, that doesn’t mean that you should dress ridiculously – if anything, throw away clothes that resemble garbage bags (so baggy pants, oversized t-shirts, unstructured skirts) and anything you used to see your own grandmother in.

What this freedom does mean though is that we can be as daring as we please. Have you always wanted to try animal print? Go for it! You think you’ve worked up the courage to pull off that wide-brimmed hat? Good for you!

Judith Boyd, or as Instagram knows her, the Style Crone, is a living, breathing, badass example. Her every outfit is an experiment of some sort – whether it’s a homemade hat, a colourful poncho, or an exquisite gown worn out for coffee, she never fails to dare go beyond the ordinary. And the results are stunning!

She proves that age is truly just a number, and we are never too old to try new things and experiment with new trends. See what you like and what you don’t, and feel free to reinvent yourself often and vigorously. After all, what do you have to lose?


To watch all Fearless Films documentaries, including Wendy’s and Nina’s, follow the link to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxjhnQEFhvCT9ID1x8-bnJQ/featured

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