Arnim and Ilka enjoy a special connection. 

When Ilka comes to visit Arnim, she is greeted with a heartfelt welcome that always brings a smile. A true friendship has formed. 

Left: Arnim and Ilka. Right: Arnim proudly displays a favourite German folk music record. 

"We both are German decent, even lived in close proximity and although there is 40 yrs age difference, we connect with the love of our folk music and enjoy this over him eating his dinner and me keeping a watchful eye that he eats his greens."

"I can't describe the joy I get, valuing his wit and charm but also able to treasure my own connections that I left behind 36 years ago. Every day I marvel how much I get back from my clients and I feel lucky and rewarded.", says Ilka.

What a great connection these two have developed! At Feros Care we go out of our way to choose staff who are passionate and energetic about what they do. We choose people who are sincere, filled with care and respect, and who can bring a little fun and laughter. Read more about our carers here. 

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