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Brain fitness on Feros Care’s Virtual Social Centre


Engaging with renowned mind specialist, Dr Jenny Brockis, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants, their carers, and families can explore such routines, and discover their single most important action to take each day during a special session on Feros Care’s Virtual Social Centre (VSC).

“Determining what the most important thing in life that makes you feel good is different for all of us, but it’s about making sure we’re doing those small things which have an impact on our mood health and overall happiness,” said Dr Brockis, who’ll host the live and interactive Thriving Mind session on Thursday, September 17.

“It reminds us of ‘what’s important to me’, and I’ll be encouraging everyone to share what they do to help get through the day and feel good about it.”

The message is just one aspect the award-winning Author, medical and lifestyle medicine practitioner will explore during the live and interactive session on the vibrant VSC platform, which expanded into the world of disability in June of this year.

Helping to alleviate social isolation, the interactive platform connects people through relevant content to build capacity and skills in the comfort of their own homes.


September is all about mental wellbeing on the VSC, and arriving on the back of five sessions to celebrate and promote R U OK? Day, Dr Brockis’ session will share simple, effective and scientifically proven ways to reduce worry, and alleviate chronic stress in life.

The 45-minute session (free for NDIS participants) will also offer the opportunity to gain an understanding of how the brain works, while learning how to manage moods, and how to find positives when storm clouds are gathering. In the current climate where it’s never been more important to connect, Dr Brockis said hosting the session on the VSC would allow people to engage through openly talking about feelings of isolation and anxiety.

“It’s very normal to experience swings in mood during these times, where you could be happy and calm one day, then really down or anxious the next,” she said.

“It’s not about ‘what’s wrong with me’, it’s talking about how there’s nothing wrong about experiencing that; as it’s the body telling you things are different and it’s hard to manage emotions… these aren’t normal times, so it’s important to seek out ways to connect and find ways to reach out to others.

“There’s so much stress in society, especially during lockdown, and while we like to put on a brave face, connecting and supporting each other can keep us in a better frame of mind, and platforms like the VSC allow us to do that.”

While used to hosting face-to-face seminars, conferences and meetings, Dr Brockis admitted she had a “steep learning curb”, when it came to shifting to the virtual world.

An engaging and inspiring speaker, former nurse, author of two books and a brain fitness specialist, Dr Brockis’ ability to help people improve mental flexibility and agility has translated to the virtual world, where she encourages people to open up and share their thoughts and experiences together.


“In the session, everyone will be encouraged to share their thoughts, and I want them to leave feeling hopeful and confident in their ability to manage during these times,” Dr Brockis said.

“Whether that’s on our own or putting our hand up to ask for help if we’re not feeling great, everyone wants to help each other at the moment.

“The future is hopeful. So, we’ll focus in on what’s possible, and focus on what we can do, and what’s possible for us to do each day.”

The VSC is free for NDIS participants from 7 to 65 years-of-age, and whether it be getting active, reactive, or just connecting for a chat, there’s something for everyone.

For more on the VSC or to get involved, contact our team on: 1300 986 970, or email: [email protected]

For more information or sessions, or for a full schedule of what’s happening on the LAC Virtual Social Centre, visit our September Calendar here.

Mental Wellbeing: A Thriving Mind with Dr Jenny Brockis – Thursday, September 17, 11-11.45am.

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