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Community nursing improves lives

Angela Phinn has wanted to help the elderly since she was 14 years old, but it wasn’t until a couple of years later that she worked out how

“I was visiting a nursing home once a week through school and while I loved interacting with the residents, I kept thinking there was a better way to help them,” says Angie.

“When my Grandpa started having a registered nurse visit him at home I knew that’s what I wanted to do – to help the elderly in their own homes and provide care where they were.”

As a Feros Care Community Services Registered Nurse, Angie helps people stay safe, healthy and happy in their homes for as long as possible by providing nursing services including wound care, catheter management and palliative care.


When she first started her career as a district nurse in the early 1990s, her role mostly involved delivering personal care to patients in-between hospital stays and before moving into nursing homes.

Angie says community nursing has evolved, largely thanks to government-funded Home Care Packages designed to deliver more holistic care that is tailored to each person’s wants and needs.

“As a society we are no longer as quick to put people into nursing homes and so the focus has shifted to supporting people to live independently,” says Angie.

“There is so much more available to people nowadays which has enabled us to provide services that takes a person’s whole wellbeing into consideration.

“Through Home Care Packages seniors have access to a team of professionals – everything from nurses and physiotherapists; to cleaners and gardeners.

“The aim is to determine what people need to remain in their home safely, and provide the supports to achieve that.”

Woman in pink outside Angela Phinn


Angie says the level of support she is able to give her clients is made possible through the support she receives from Feros Care.

“Feros Care is a ‘yes’ organisation where anything is possible,” she says.

“They are for the client; not for making money.

“If I have a suggestion or the client has a request – even if it’s strange or ‘outside the box’, I always ask my management because anything seems possible with Feros Care.

“They are always ready to support me to help clients reach their health goals.”

Feros Care has been internationally awarded for its innovative technologies designed to keep seniors safe, healthy and connected and Angie has witnessed the benefits first-hand.

“I’ve seen clients embrace technology thanks to Feros Care’s programs; I’ve seen smart lights prevent falls; and I’ve watched clients’ mental health improve through subscribing to the Virtual Social Centre,” says Angie.

“One of the major issues for today’s seniors is social isolation. They gradually give up a lot of their activities in the community and many become reclusive.

“The way Feros Care uses technology to help combat isolation has been life changing for many of my clients and it’s rewarding to be part of an organisation that has such positive impacts.”


For Angie, nursing is about improving lives and she’s exactly where she wants to be.

“Working in aged-care allows me to treat each patient more holistically whereas a hospital setting is more task-orientated,” she says.

“I perform clinical tasks but sometimes I just bring the mail, take the bin out or grab a carton of milk. Some days I heal a wound; some days I just listen to someone’s story.

“The way I look at it, each day is a chance to improve someone’s life.”

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