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Dreaming big leads new LAC down under on journey for others


The best Local Area Coordinators are not only there to do their jobs – they are there to drive change and to inspire NDIS participants to live their best lives with passion and dedication. Feros Care LAC Ruth Ejiwale hopes to go even beyond that. 

From Nigeria via New Zealand, Ruth Ejiwale saw the perfect opportunity to continue her personal and professional journey down under with Feros Care. 

Part of an intake of nine new Feros Care staff members who spent a week on the Gold Coast and Tweed in mid-January training to become Local Area Coordinators (LACs) in South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory, Ruth had been working hard to develop her understanding of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). 

First weeks with Feros Care as an LAC

After first landing the role across the ditch, Ruth felt the role was a good fit and she was looking forward to getting started in her new home of Canberra. 

“We’ve been learning all about Feros Care and the history behind it, and I’m excited to get out there and do what we’ve been training to do,” Ruth said. 

“My day to day will involve going out to visit participants and working out their NDIS plans with them and as an LAC, assist them in reaching their goals. 

“I love getting to know people and with the role, you get to learn about people and their culture, so I get to take that on my own journey in life and I’m excited about that.” 

Spending 15 years in Auckland and Hamilton after her family migrated from Nigeria, Ruth felt she could flourish in the ACT, which had the “same kind of vibe” as New Zealand. 

The best LACs care for others

While new to the LAC role and disability space, Ruth is no stranger to assisting others and breaking down stigmas within the community following volunteer and health promotion roles. 

“I was working for the New Zealand Aids Foundation helping those with HIV or AIDS or helping with their plans, and (working) with the community to raise awareness as well,” Ruth said. 

“I focused on my African background and the stigma around HIV, so I was raising awareness and I also worked as a health promoter for youth groups between the ages of 13-17. 

Allowing her to develop connections like those she made in her previous roles, Ruth’s goals align with what she wants to achieve with Feros Care, where she hopes to help others achieve their dreams or goals also. 

“I feel a little lonely at times with my family not here, but that’s part of life and growing, and I love the fact I’ll get to go out into the community and give back a bit and help people live their dreams and potential,” Ruth said. 

“Everyone has a right to live and follow their dreams whatever they may be, and we get to play a part in that. 

“It’s really exciting to see someone achieve whatever goal they’ve got and that makes me really happy.” 

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