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Fearless Films seniors enjoy a night in the spotlight

Fearless Films stars took to the red carpet at a dedicated premiere on the 4th of December in Byron Bay. It was a celebration of living fearless lives above 75, and drinking champagne boldly. 

A collection of inspirational short films showcasing the surprisingly bold lives of nine Northern Rivers seniors over the age of 75 ere released as a result of a Screenworks initiative in partnership with Feros Care and supported by The Bakery Media Production.

Nine seniors have taken part in the initiative called FEARLESS, which sees each of them star in a short film about theyoutir fearless lifestyles and receive a ‘Story Producer’ credit for helping to create their documentaries.

Screenworks, Feros Care and The Bakery Media worked very closely with each participating senior to pass on filmmaking skills and create a suite of films that challenge community attitudes and celebrate ageing. 

The premiere was a great success, with the stars enjoying a night of spotlight, and the audience enjoying a night of inspiration. 

Screenworks’ CEO, Ken Crouch is impressed by the commitment shown by the FEARLESS participants;

One of the most incredible things about this initiative has been the commitment shown by the seniors since the initial application stage. Many of them have genuinely stepped up and learnt new skills to be able to bring their stories to the screen, ably assisted by the team at The Bakery Media Production. This eclectic and appealing collection gives these seniors the chance to have their voices heard and share their escapades with the world.

Feros CEO, Jennene Buckley said that they are proud to release these stories of seniors who are challenging the traditional views on ageing. 

We are thrilled with the personalities and stories that this project has uncovered, and we’d love for these films to surprise, charm and inspire people.  Ultimately we’re confident that our 9 FEARLESS seniors are going to crush those boring old stereotypes about growing older.

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