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Feros Care and Salt Care Partnering to share knowledge and build capacity

Feros Care is a partner in the community delivering the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), as the Local Area Coordinator (LAC) in Northern Adelaide and Barossa, Light & Lower North. Based in Gawler and Salisbury, our role as the LAC is to provide information and support around the NDIS, and to work with the communities to help them to build their capacity for inclusion.

Local Area Coordinators from Feros Care have recently started volunteering at Salt Care, where we aim to build the capacity of individuals seeking support as part of the Gawler Community Care Hub (GCC Hub). Salt Care provides an op shop, food assistance programme, low cost counselling services and referrals to clients of the Hub.

L to R – Olivia (Salt Church Volunteer), Anita (Feros Care Local Area Coordinator), Natalie (Feros Care Local Area Coordinator), John (Salt Church Volunteer).

Feros Care also aims to build the capacity of the current volunteer base through modelling person centred approaches and broadening support of clients by listening to the stories of people attending the GCC Hub.

The Hub is a safe place for people where they can find support around the NDIS, access to the NDIS and where LAC and Salt care staff partner to share our local knowledge on community and mainstream services available, with participants and non-participants. 

Feros Care is committed to people care and we’ve been proudly caring for people for almost 30 years. We’re a non-profit organisation, supporting people from 7 to 100+ to live healthier, better connected and more fulfilling lives through people centred aged care and Local Area Coordination services.

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