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Feros Care game changers spearhead historic moment for Aussie athletes

The opening ceremony was the first time the Aboriginal flag, the Torres Strait Islander flag, and the Australian flag had been flown in an official capacity at an international sporting event.

Nicola was competing with the Far North Queensland team and representing Australia at the championships. She took the flags with her to London after a special blessing by her Feros Care colleague, Rianna.

“To raise the three flags and have all countries walk behind us at the march felt incredibly significant,” Nicola said.

“The copyright for the Aboriginal flag had not been released to the Australian Government until January 2022, so it was the first time these flags had official consent to be flown, which made it even more important to have them blessed by Rianna.

“I feel this was just the start of what will become a very normal acknowledgement.”

Nicola and Rianna said it was a significant step in Australia’s journey towards reconciliation.

As a First Nations person herself, Rianna said it was shocking that athletes had not previously been able to compete under the Aboriginal flag.

“Seeing the photos Nicola sent back from overseas was such a proud moment for me – my flag flying in the UK breeze, recognised on the world stage. I felt proud and humbled that I had been invited and included in such a wonderful event and moment in time,” she said.

Torres Strait Islander, Australian, and Aboriginal flags

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