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Feros Care wins IT News award for MyFeros client portal

Feros Care has been recognised for innovative technology that is revolutionising the delivery of care for seniors and those living with disability.

Feros Care has been named a winner in the 2020 IT News Benchmark Awards in the ‘best health project’ category which acknowledges projects conducted by organisations that demonstrably improve staff productivity and/or service delivery to patients.

The award comes soon after we were recognised internationally by the Global Ageing Network (GAN) for the development and implementation of a number of new technologies that have the potential to revolutionise the global aged care industry.

How does MyFeros benefit the aged care space?

Feros Care Chief Information Officer Glenn Payne said his team had worked for two years in partnership with clients to perfect the MyFeros APP with voice-command technology.

“MyFeros APP is a system that allows seniors to self-manage their services, view schedules, change carers and budgets, and send and receive messages – all via a personalised APP on a computer, smart device or television, negating the need to call a contact centre,” said Mr Payne.

“To create this platform, we needed to capture every interaction with clients and develop a system to bring every stream of data, intervention and advice into an individual ‘passport’ for each client.

“Our hard work feels validated daily as we receive positive feedback from our clients, and to be recognised by leaders in the aged-care and technology industries, such as IT News, is the icing on the cake.”

MyFeros client portal and Google Assistant technologies

Mr Payne said the MyFeros APP was designed to give people more control and independence, however when it was first launched, it was quickly realised that it did not deliver for a cohort of people.

“We realised we hadn’t catered to the needs of people with impairments that might affect their ability to use technology such as those with dexterity, sight or mobility problems,” he said.

“To remedy this, we introduced Google Assistant technology that allows seniors to interact with their APP via voice-connected devices.”

The Australian-first initiative allows Feros Care clients’ to hear up-to-the-minute details of their care with a simple voice command from the comfort of their lounge chairs. Its success has resulted in a partnership with global tech giant, Google to develop further possibilities in this space.

Where to next for Feros Care?

Mr Payne said the MyFeros APP with Google Assistant technology was being rolled out with Feros Care’s senior clients across Australia, with 900 registered users to date and approximately eight new clients registering daily.

“At Feros Care, we believe that technology is pivotal to improving the lives of our clients and we have seen first-hand how our innovations are empowering people to be more independent, and live better, more connected lives while remaining in their own home,” he said.

“We want to create technologies that not only help our clients, but that are applicable world-wide.

“While the notion of a client APP is not new, it’s the ability to share, and easily manage, complex information that sets Feros Care’s system apart, and its compatibility with a voice-activated device that’s available globally that gives it the ability to revolutionise the delivery of care for people everywhere.”

Feros Care was presented the IT News award on Friday 5 March at a gala event in Sydney.

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