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From corporate to people care

The name Feros Care tends to inspire thoughts of our dedicated carers and health practitioners. However, we also want to remember our teams behind the scenes. From finance to technology to human resources, we have a diverse range of corporate professionals who are instrumental to our delivery of high-quality care. 

We spoke with Mel Duffey, our Head of People Services, to reflect on her career path, and find out why she chooses Feros Care. 

From hospitality to working for industry superannuation funds during the global financial crisis, Mel has had a rich and diverse career as a HR professional. In November 2018, she initially joined as a Project Manager in the Employee Experience team at Feros Care after considering several offers. 

“Feros Care has its own unique energy, and this is felt as soon as you walk through the door,” Mel said. 

“Working at Feros Care is very rewarding and presents new challenges each day – for me, there is a balance between creating effective solutions and enjoying working with others who are as equally passionate about people.” 

Mel’s core passion is to work with people to achieve great outcomes for themselves and others personally as well as professionally. 

Mel Duffey

Transition from corporate to not-for-profit

She offers her advice to someone considering moving from a corporate position to aged care and disability: 

“Whilst there can be long hours, the outcomes are rewarding.” 

“These industries are all about people – how you do your work makes all the difference.” 

“The chance to help change lives for the better within industries that are undergoing significant changes and growth.” 

“The ability to work with people who are genuinely connected to their customers in a heartfelt way.” 

“A sense of purpose through the not for profit culture – in a business that is really innovative in its approach to aging and disability.” 

“The aged care and disability industries are 24/7 and involve working with real people in real time. Our customers are at the core of what we do,” she said. 

Before we say goodbye, we ask Mel to share a magic moment from her time at Feros Care. 

“I have heard some really touching stories from people working in the community who have helped their clients to realise their everyday dreams. I particularly love that pets are welcome at each of the residential villages – it adds such a homely feel and seeing the joy the animals bring is priceless.” 

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