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Fund your future your way

Whether you have champagne tastes, or you just enjoy the simple things, there are many ways to fund your fun years. From age 65, a range of government funding options are available for the asking. But it’s
not always fun trying to navigate the system. That’s where Feros Care can help. We’ve been around the block a few times, so we can help determine which aged care solution is right
for you. 

The best place to start your aged care journey might be with a STRC, CHSP, or HCP. Huh? Yes – there’s a lot of aged care jargon out there, but we can help you cut through it. So let’s get into it! 

The Short Term Restorative Care program is
designed to help you recover from injury or illness. As its name suggests, it’s only a temporary solution, often suggested to those who want to return to an earlier or improved level of function. It is funded by My Aged Care, and requires
no means test – meaning that anyone meeting the eligibility criteria can apply for the program. 

An STRC program is completely driven by you. You identify the goals and what you’d like to achieve. You are then matched with the right provider and the relevant experts to help you reach those goals. Over eight weeks you work
together with the provider of your choice to deliver the program in the comfort of your home or within the community. 

At Feros Care, we offer an extensive range of services including
exercise sessions, one-on-one physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology and counselling, home modification assessments, nutrition and meal planning advice, and support services. The list goes on and there’s something for everyone. 

To qualify, you have to meet the eligibility criteria, which you can see here

To get started, talk to Feros Care here and we can
refer you to My Aged Care. 

The Commonwealth Home Support Program is
great for those with lower level needs, wanting a little support to stay active, social, and doing the things they love. CHSP can give you the help you need to stay independent and in your home, on your terms. If you’re having
trouble with everyday tasks and feel that a little support could improve your health and wellbeing, CHSP could be right for you. 

As a government-subsidised program, some of it is funded for you. A CHSP does not require you to complete an income assessment. The cost depends on the type of support and the provider you choose to go with. 

At Feros Care, we offer everything from personal
care to physio, medication and transport – if you need it, chances are we can make it happen. Whether you need help around your home and garden, or someone to drive you to your appointments, we have got you covered. 

To get started, talk to Feros Care here and we can
refer you to My Aged Care. 

Home Care Package is government-supplied funding for
senior Australians needing care. Unlike STRC, which is short-term, and CHSP, which is entry-level support, a Home Care Package covers even the highest needs. It is a comprehensive, holistic approach to in-home care, and can cover any
area of your life. HCPs are designed to be personalised and to grow with you. 

Home Care Packages have four levels, ranging from low level care (Level 1) to a higher level, more complex care (Level 4). The available funding is therefore largely influenced by which level you are approved for. With a HCP, you do
need to complete an income assessment and a contribution may be required depending on the outcome of your assessment. 

Feros Care can personalise a HCP plan for you. From wellbeing
programs to help you kick-start a new, more vibrant and confident life, to complex care assistance including meals, physiotherapy and even simple home modifications to make everyday tasks a little easier, we have
got you covered. 

To get started, talk to Feros Care here. As a My Aged Care provider, we can
refer you to My Aged Care. 

The ageing journey is multifaceted and totally individual. So our services evolve as you do. From basic home chores, to short term programs to get you back on your feet after an illness or injury, to full time care
so you don’t have to lift a finger. Bring it on! 

Feros Care is a My Aged Care service provider and can get you started by organising a free referral service where we can call My Aged Care with you and help you to get the approval process started. 

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