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How to remain active in good company

Itching to break out of your routine and try something new? Or do you want to step out with renewed confidence and new friends? We’ve got the answer. Exercise, but with a healthy dose of friendship thrown in for good measure.

Still not convinced? Here’s the reality check – only around one in 10 Australians over the age of 50 exercises enough to gain any cardiovascular benefit. Plus some estimates suggest that about half of the physical decline associated with old age may be due to a lack of physical activity.

Now the good news – the amazing human body responds to exercise, no matter what its age, to deliver equally amazing benefits. Exercise has been shown to help with coordination and balance, joint flexibility, bone density and strength, cardiovascular and respiratory function, cognitive function (that’s your all-important brain!) improved energy and sleep. While exercising in a group expands your social connections, improves confidence, enhances mood and can boost your feelings of independence. Now that’s a win-win!

The key to starting a successful exercise routine at any age – is to start slowly, exercise with friends and make it social! That’s where Feros Care can help out. Our group exercise classes are both effective and fun. Run by trained physiotherapists and exercise physiologists, they’re suitable for people of all levels of mobility and fitness. Depending on what takes your fancy there’s the 26-week Forever Young program, the pool-based program Young Ducks and the more gentle Tai Chair classes – which can be enjoyed in a group or delivered one-on-one in your home.

So take your pick! Different exercises use different muscle groups, but all will have you meeting and enjoying the company other active seniors. Or if you’re a little less mobile, you don’t even need to leave home. You can do it all, including meeting new people, from your favourite chair via Feros Care’s Virtual Social Centre (VSC).

Just jump online (we can help there too!) to enter a lively world of activity with virtual tours, creative classes, book clubs, social chat groups, puzzles and entertainment – plus senior exercise classes including seated yoga, tai chi, movement to music and dance.

Whether it’s the exercise or the friendships (or both!) that get you inspired, as they say, just do it! Feros Care can get you started and explain how you may be able to access government exercise program subsidies through My Aged Care.

Just remember, start slowly, stay hydrated, be realistic and chat to a health professional before you begin a new exercise routine.

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