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Join Feros Care as an assistant in nursing!

There are certain special people who are invaluable to the Feros Care community, enabling us to deliver the highest standard of support and care. Our amazing assistants in nursing (AINs) fall into this category, and are instrumental in improving the quality
of life of our clients and residents.

These compassionate and dedicated individuals help our equally important enrolled nurses (ENs) and registered nurses (RNs) with basic patient care and cleaning tasks. This includes the likes of bathing, toileting, and dressing patients, assisting with
mobility and exercises, reporting the patient’s condition to the RN, changing bed linen, and simple wound care.

AINs are an integral part of Feros Care

Supporting our AINs and showing them how much we appreciate their critical contribution and commitment is always a priority at Feros Care. To nurture ongoing job satisfaction, productivity, and maintain morale, we offer a variety of benefits for all AIN
employees across the business.

This sentiment extends to students studying to become an EN or RN. Joining us in an AIN capacity will provide priceless first-hand industry experience to support learning and development. Gaining a solid grounding in the practical and soft skills imperative
for a career in nursing, AIN experience is extremely advantageous for aspiring nurses.

Feros Care AINs can work in full time, part time, or casual roles, with flexible hours to suit personal circumstances. This is particularly helpful to students who need time off for study, or to attend mandatory placements. We understand that this is
an integral part of the learning journey, and fully support any activity to help our AINs achieve their goals.

Of course there is no requirement for an AIN to become a nurse, and those who wish to remain working as an AIN are just as valued by the Feros community. Not everyone is suited to a career as a medical professional, and the support role of an AIN is crucial for superior care outcomes.

Why work with Feros Care

Surrounded by an experienced, friendly, and tight-knit team, Feros AINs will be respected by people who will go above and beyond to help them thrive and excel. We love what we do and embrace anyone who shares our passion for superior quality aged and
disability care. We also provide constant training and upskilling opportunities, so AINs continue to learn, expand their skills, and enjoy what they do.  

In a more general context, working as an AIN develops an easily transferrable skillset, highly sought after in many different industries. Also, the responsibilities of an AIN will continue to grow, as nurses require more support to cope with the increasing
demand for their services. This means a career as an AIN is not only dynamic and rewarding, but there will be no shortage of job opportunities.

If you are excited at the prospect of using your interpersonal skills, ability to be discreet in what can be a sensitive environment, and high level of empathy for others, talk to us about becoming an AIN. We foster an environment where you will feel
fulfilled, valued, and confident that you are making a difference to those who need a helping hand.

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