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Mary’s bold bid to keep seeking out new adventures

Mary’s bold bid to keep seeking out new adventures

Mary Bergstrom had a simple solution when she realised being a solo sailor was getting tougher as she neared 70. She bought a 4WD and embarked on an adventure, driving some of Australia’s remotest roads on her own instead.
“Women should know that if they try to do something out of the ordinary, they’ll find they are perfectly capable of doing so,” the 74-year-old says of an approach to life that has seen her fly planes, skipper her own 30ft sailboat and embrace 4WDing as a grandmother of five.

“My father always encouraged us to have a go and his teachings have definitely flowed through my life.”

“Take flying. My second husband was a pilot so I decided I should get my licence as well. I actually got a Cessna for my 50th birthday, which was pretty neat. We flew a lot together and it was a very special time of my life.”

“My husband died 21 years ago and I miss him terribly, but it hasn’t stopped me living life. I learned I could still do so much on my own. You just have to go out and do it.”

A life on your own doesn’t have to be a lonely life.

Mary epitomises the ‘grow bold’ ethos of Feros Care, smashing stereotypes about ageing and gender, inspiring others to think differently and explore new challenges and experiences.  

Mary personally fitted out her sailboat to ensure she would still be able to venture out on her own. And when she bought her Canberra home, she got out her toolkit and overhauled it to her liking.

Having spent two months criss-crossing the Northern Territory solo last year in her 4WD, Mary has also traversed the dusty reaches of far western NSW in recent months and is now tackling South Australia’s famed Strzelecki Track.

Growing bold? You bet!

Mary on Sailing boat

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