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Meet Virtual Social Centre host Sasha

The Virtual Social Centre (VSC) is a vibrant and interactive online community for learning and connecting. This innovative program allows seniors to connect and learn virtually with like-minded people through a range of sessions, such as book clubs, exercise classes, games and entertainment, and activities that stimulate
the mind.

This month, we chat to VSC administration assistant and host Sasha Bothma about how she became part of the team. She hosts different sessions from Interior Design to Meditation, and she is really living a new dream through the VSC.

When I started working in the VSC team, I saw firsthand what an impact the platform and the volunteers were making. What a wonderful company and opportunities! This excited me and in turn I wanted to do more. I thought of one of my biggest passions which is meditation and thought sharing this knowledge with participants would be a great way to give back to the community.

I grew up in South Africa and then moved to Australia when I was about 15. After high school I studied Interior Design, I then had my own successful business in interior design and selling furniture for over 10 years. I was keen for a change and to connect more with others which brought me to the fantastic Feros Care.

Yoga, reading, meditation, a good Netflix comedy and spending time with my family. I have a beautiful daughter who is 9 years old.

I host live meditations on the Virtual Social Centre and I work at Feros Care in a Virtual Social Centre administration support position.

I have suffered with chronic back and neck pain since I was about 16 and because of this it took me down the path of meditation. I thought the idea was very silly at the start but once I started, I noticed a huge improvement with my mind and being present. That’s why I like to share this knowledge.

Seeing the participants connect and enjoy my sessions. My favourite part is when they fall asleep, and I know they are nice and relaxed. I connect well with many participants who also have chronic pain or perhaps just want to connect like myself.

Three people on screen on a virtual call - one young woman and two seniorsyou could make a positive difference in someone’s life.

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