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New year, new support: How to arrange more help for aging loved ones

The Christmas festivities are done and dusted, the tree packed away for another year, the trifle and turkey consumed. But with all the family celebrations over the season, you may have noticed that your loved ones are beginning to need more support.

Maybe they’re starting to appear more fatigued, or they’re slowing down in their movements. Their hygiene standards might be slipping and the chores are piling up in their homes. Or perhaps they are socially withdrawing and no longer taking part in their usual day-to-day tasks.

The positive news is that the earlier intervention occurs, the better; there are so many ways to encourage being socially active and staying engaged in life, and we have extensive support available, many of which are through Government-funded programs.

And don’t worry; there are so many products and services, from cleaning and gardening to social outings and online connections, that even those who are difficult to convince will recognise the benefit of dull chores being taken off their hands.

Check out our list of the servicess available to the senior community, or explore the opportunity to add additional services to what is already arranged.


We work with our clients to develop a plan based on what’s important. Everything we do is designed with the goal of keeping people in their homes as long as possible, ensuring they live happier, healthier, more comfortable lives – and have the opportunity to grow bold with age as they discover all that is available to them.

Why not organise some help with…


For those pesky weeds that keep popping up, the vegetable patch you haven’t quite gotten around to looking after, or the lawn that needs to be mowed – we can help.

House cleaning

We are able to arrange cleaning, changing sheets, laundry and even ironing to keep that linen cupboard in tip-top shape.

Home-cooked meals

Our team comes equipped with a range of recipes to cook up in the kitchen, or they can make an old family favourite to stock up the freezer for when it’s needed most. We can even assist in cooking for events and catering for special occasions.


Some seniors might often acknowledge the need for assistance with their health, but don’t know where to start. We can assist in presenting the most suitable choices, narrowing it down so that no one is confused or overwhelmed along the way.

Some of those choices might include…


Our Strong Foundations program is specially designed to help prevent falls, so it can benefit just about anyone, regardless of their current mobility. Our physiotherapist will visit once a week for seven weeks, putting together a specialised exercise program catered to the individual’s needs.


From home visits to check-ins via our Telehealth virtual program, there are endless opportunities here, whether a patient has just returned from hospital or needs ongoing support with chronic illness. We might set up a tablet in the client’s home to allow them to self-monitor their oxygen, blood glucose, blood pressure, heart rate and more via Bluetooth devices; or we might support in-person with wound checks, referrals and palliative patients to try to keep them in their own home for as long as possible.

Other services

You’d be surprised at what we can cover off; from occupational therapy to podiatry, hydrotherapy and continence assessments. We can also support with in-home yoga and tai chi programs, or start with something as simple as personal care and grooming, assisting with showers, hygiene and beauty routines.


A healthy and happy life is made up of so many elements, and we all know that being able to stay well-connected with your community goes a long way.

Here’s how we can support, regardless of any challenges in mobility or health.


Whether it’s baking, arts and crafts or card games, sometimes it’s nice to have another friendly face around the home, participating in your favourite activities with you. Our carers will come to spend time with those in need, supporting them with what they love best – and also offering respite to those who might normally look after someone day-to-day.

Social outings

There are so many opportunities to join our group social events, and with so many affordable day trips regularly planned by our team, the only trouble will be deciding which to choose first! Our services also provide door-to-door transport, making life that much easier for participants.


For those who are unable to drive, or finding public transport challenging, we are here to support on those trips to the doctor, the pharmacy, the bank or even the coffee with friends.

Connection (without even leaving the home)

Digital online communities can offer up a whole new world, and learning to understand a new platform can also allow seniors to feel stimulated, engaged and in control. Our Feros Care Virtual Social Centre allows the opportunity dive into a community buzzing with book clubs, language courses, music lessons, entertainment, chat groups, interactive virtual tours, guided meditations, exercise programs and so much more.

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