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When Norma Burgess had a negative reaction to chemotherapy, she could no longer perform the simplest of tasks. Unable to walk or use her hands, the Tweed Heads mother relied on her husband to look after her 24-hours-a-day with support from Feros Care.

"I wanted to walk again and with the help of Koh, my physiotherapist from Feros who visits me in my home, I've been able to regain my balance," said the 70-year-old. 

"At Christmas 2018 I couldn't even feed myself as the chemotherapy killed the nerves to my hands and legs, but fortunately my nerves slowly grew back and now my muscles have gotten stronger and I have a lot more confidence. 

"Gaining that confidence is such a big thing - especially when it comes to walking. I want to be able to get on my walker and just go but I'm not there yet. It will come. I've just got to be patient." 

Norma said having the support to reach her goals was paramount. 

"I feel that I've got the right people around me to get to where I want to be," she said. 

"My goal was to be out of the chair and able to walk by Christmas and I'm sure that will happen well and truly before that. 

"I don't expect to be able to walk alone again but I'm happy to be able to get around with a walker.  

"It's a big step from where I was and I'm grateful to my husband, my rehab team and Feros Care for helping me get there." 

Senior lady smiling at camera

Norma Burgess

Physiotherapy isn't the only service Norma receives from Feros Care on her government-funded Home Care Package. 

After her husband had an operation and could no longer assist Norma for several weeks with tasks like showering, she needed extra services and found Feros Care's packages superior to other providers.  

"What Feros offered in terms of packages and services was much better so I went with them and I'm happy with the decision," she said. 

"As I make progress with my rehabilitation I don't need as much help, but I still get a domestic lady for a couple of hours a week who is really good, and a podiatrist comes to check my feet and cut my nails." 

Norma manages her services through the MyFeros Portal

"I find the portal great. You can do all your communication through it - just type your questions or changes and in no-time you get an answer back," said Norma. 

"It just helps make the process easy and I'm happy with the services Feros Care provides as it helps keep me in my home, rather than having to go into care." 

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