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Our 6 top tips to get winter-ready

As we edge closer to winter, at Feros Care we are encouraging seniors to think about what they need to weather the colder months in comfort.

Preparing for winter can mean anything from a new pair of slippers to checking your heaters are in good working order.

We’ve put together a handy list of some of the things you might like to consider and how we can help you get winter-ready.


Your safety is always our top priority and we encourage all our seniors to get appliances and smoke alarms checked annually by a qualified electrician.

Coming into winter is a good time to have your home inspected by an expert as the cold weather usually increases the use of electrical items such as blankets and heaters.

At Feros Care we can help with all manner of home maintenance needs as part of our in-home care services.

The colder months can also see an increase in falls at home due to people wearing slippers and long dressing gowns, heater cords, and blankets falling off furniture. In fact, three-quarters of all injury hospitalisations
for people aged 65+ are a result of a fall (AIHW).

If you are concerned about the risk of falling, we can arrange an in-home safety assessment with one of our skilled occupational therapists.


For many, space and storage can be a struggle. Finding somewhere to ‘put things’ is just one part of the puzzle; making them easily accessible is another challenge.

We can help you organise and store your summer clothes while getting your jumpers, jeans and heavy quilts ready for use.

This might include washing and airing things that have been stored away; as well as packing up clothes and linen you won’t be using for the next few months.

Our in-home care services provide housework support as well
as accompanied shopping trips or transport. We can even help you purchase and pack things like vacuum-sealed storage bags to protect your belongings and make them easier to store.


Winter conjures up memories of stews on the stove and steaming soups and this type of comfort food can be easily prepared in advance and stored in the freezer.

We can help with meal preparation so you have hearty, healthy meals on hand ready to heat and eat on a whim.

If you prefer to do the cooking yourself, Feros Care’s Virtual Social Centre has nutrition sessions to
help support you in preparing your meals.


If you haven’t seen your GP in a while, it might pay to book in for a check-up and talk to them about which vaccines, such as the flu shot, or pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine are available for you.

You might also like to ask your doctor about any vitamins that may be beneficial for you during the cold and flu season, as well as ensuring you have scripts on hand for any of your usual medication.

At Feros Care we can help organise, accompany and transport you to any medical appointments.


Check your wardrobe and make a list of anything you need to keep comfortable and warm this winter – be it woollies, slippers, jumpers, robes, boots or stockings.

We can provide accompanied shopping support or transport. Or you could even learn how to make the most of virtual shopping through our Let’s Get Technical Program – let one of our friendly technical support officers teach you how to shop online for everything from blankets to groceries.


Adding flannelette sheets, a heavy quilt or doona or an electric blanket can be the difference between a cold or comfortable sleep.

At Feros Care we can advise you about what you need and we can help with understanding funding, purchasing and preparing your bed with all the essentials you need to keep warm.

Feros Care has been supporting Australians for over 30 years and we have supports and services designed to keep you safe, and warm, in your own home.

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