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Our mission to tackle loneliness: Where we’ve come from, and what happens next

Feros Care is committed to helping people live happy, healthy, connected lives – it’s been our mission for decades and our teams deliver on this every day.

Through the services we deliver in aged care and disability support, we help people to understand and achieve the things that matter most to them.  Very often, that means helping them to connect, with their friends and family, their environment and community. To activities. To their passions and to their purpose.

Human beings are social creatures. We can’t thrive without meaningful connections; in fact, we barely survive. So, what’s really distressing for Feros Care teams is seeing the devastating impacts of loneliness and isolation playing out in the lives of the people we support.

Research validates what we see happening in front of us – loneliness causes sadness and leads to mental and physical decline, even death in some circumstances.

We don’t think anyone should suffer unwelcome loneliness and we’re determined to make a difference.

To create some space to dig deep into this work, we launched Be Someone For Someone in late 2019. It was an initiative specifically to focus on what was then an emerging loneliness crisis.

We wanted to design and deliver new, impactful programs that really help people connect whilst raising support from individuals, governments and communities, so we could tackle it together.

Just one month after we launched this work, along came COVID-19. People everywhere were forced to experience what it means to be isolated and our work in tackling loneliness became a social and health imperative.

Over the last three years, we learned even more about what it means to be isolated. We’ve built partnerships. Advocated for those suffering from loneliness. Moved governments, businesses and community groups to join our ‘connections crusade’. Connected school children with isolated seniors. Distributed thousands of letters to lonely seniors written by people inspired to help. Developed new social prescribing services. Brought companionship and virtual social activities when people couldn’t be together any other way.

Most importantly, we have held the hands (figuratively and literally) of thousands of people as we helped them to experience the power of human connection, that some thought lost forever.

Feros Care has become a specialist in the space where humans connect and we’re committed to doing more than ever. No longer limited to Be Someone For Someone as a separate initiative – tackling loneliness and raising support to scale, this is now core to Feros Care’s work.

This means growing our social programs like Virtual Social Centre and In Great Company and implementing new programs that have a strong case for support.

Feros Care is a charity at heart, a community organisation run by the community for the community, founded on donations. Many people and organisations have raised their hands in support of this work so we’re also ramping up our fundraising to give everyone an opportunity to make a difference.

You may be feeling lonely and seeking help to connect. You may want to read more about Feros Care programs and the powerful stories of the difference they make. Or to know how you, your family, or organisation can help.

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