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Personalised support: How Google Smart Home addresses individual needs of family members

While Nanette and Glenn are thoroughly independent, the Google Smart Home service helped them realise that life could always be easier – and better!

Nanette and Glenn are a married couple in their early 70s that live a busy lifestyle and enjoy keeping up with technology. Their motivation for signing up to Feros’ Google Smart Home service was purely for personal development and improving their daily life.

From tech-adverse to tech-savvy with Feros Care

While Glenn was already technology savvy, Nanette had no previous knowledge. She said, “we signed up for Feros Care’s Google Smart Home service mainly for me because I have never worked in an office, and I wanted to learn more about technology.”

While both thought Nanette would be the primary user, Glenn too benefitted significantly from having Google Home at home.

“When we signed up, I didn’t think I’d use it as much. I thought it would help Nanette, but in fact, it helps me just as much getting up to speed,” he said.

Nanette uses Google Smart Home daily, and she appreciates that it is easier than looking things up with a smartphone.

“I use it for getting recipes for cooking, but I do all sorts of things with it. It helps me with the weather forecast or to even find out when the shops open.”

Google Smart Home is truly a time-saver for Nanette as she can get all the information immediately by just using her voice. While Nanette uses Google Home to also listen to the radio or look up phone numbers, she likewise uses it to quench her thirst of knowledge.

Nanette cannot imagine a life without Google Smart Home now.

“I love Google! I don’t know how I have ever survived without it – my life is so much easier. It empowered me, it has simplified my life, I feel it’s my friend.”

“I can ask Google anything – it really transformed my life, having Google,” she said.

Google Smart Home is for everyone

Glenn similarly appreciates the shift Google Smart Home brings into their home.

“It helps me a lot too because I no longer have to find all the information for Nanette,” he laughs.

Glenn loves to find information instantly.

“Google Smart Home has made everything easier. I progressed from looking for answers in libraries, over going through Wikipedia, to now sitting in my armchair and let Google tell me how to make cocktails.”

While Nanette and Glenn are both an agile couple, they are aware of the implication aging is having on their lives.

“As we are getting older, we become less capable. We are using technology to assist us in our lives and make things a little easier,” Glenn said.

Google Smart Home can help a variety of people

Nanette and Glenn are not only worried about themselves but also about one of their daughters who suffers a severe form of bipolar – manic depression. Due to the ways of therapy, their daughter has lost some of her memory, being unable to make decisions.

“She phones me normally every morning and many times throughout the day to get answers for simple questions like for how long to boil an egg. She can’t make any decisions, and must go to the hospital in manic episodes,” Nanette said.

The health of their daughter is of great concern for Nanette and Glenn, who try to also find ways of how to improve their daughter’s life.

“We are hoping Google will help our daughter as much as us so that she can become more independent by asking Google everything she wants to know,” Glenn said. “We think this technology will help her too and provide her with answers,” he adds.

Google Smart Home helps clients like Nanette and Glenn to streamline their busy lives, but also to socialise and care for others with peace in mind.

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