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Staying connected helps seniors stay at home

When Mary first opted for home services it was for social outings after her husband passed away, but she now relies on them to remain living in her own home.

The 85-year-old uses her government-funded Home Care Package to access her community, help with gardening and maintenance, and keep up to date with technology, and she cherishes the relationship she has with her carers.

“The Feros Care people who visit are very good. I have formed friendships with them and we get along very well,” Mary says.

Recommendation led Mary to Feros Care

The Tweed Heads resident was recommended Feros Care by a neighbour and the team helped Mary make an easy transition from her previous provider.

She was quick to take advantage of Feros Care’s extra programs including Let’s Get Technical, which teaches seniors to be proficient with their technology.

Mary has a computer and an iPad and says she is now more confident using both, as well as several programs like Microsoft Word and Publisher.

“Mostly I like technology for the social element and I am always using Messenger to keep up with friends and family,” says Mary, who belongs to several online social groups including one from Bournemouth, England where she was born.

“I’ve just joined a group called 10 Pound Poms. We use Messenger to text, talk and share photos. It’s a hobby for me really. I enjoy it.”

Staying at home of the utmost importance

Funded by the Federal Government and delivered by providers such as Feros Care, in-home care aims to foster independence, promote control and improve the quality of life for our ageing population.

From cleaning to companionship, Home Care Packages are designed to provide individualised services to seniors in their homes with each provider offering its own mix of options.

Feros Care focuses on delivering a curated collection of services that cover everything from manual tasks and personal hygiene, to home security, health monitoring and social connections.

Feros Care works with clients, like Mary, to determine their goals and create a care plan to maintain or improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. The ultimate aim is to support people to live safely in their own home for as long as possible which for Mary is of the utmost importance.

Up until a few years ago when she had the first of two strokes, Mary was working for the Bureau of Statistics and living with her husband, who sadly suffered with dementia and eventually had to move into nursing care.

Peace of mind

Mary still lives with some difficulties resulting from her strokes so Feros Care is helping to keep her where she wants to be – at home with her little dog, Kaylee.

“My husband was in a nursing facility run by another provider and I never, ever want to go there,” she said.

“That’s why it’s so important for me to stay at home and Feros Care is helping me do that.

“I know there are more services available that I might need one day and that gives me peace of mind.”

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