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“It helped improve my day!” Howard’s must-read Feros poem

Howard and his wife, Nenita. The two have been married for 41 years

80-year-old Howard Drough has always loved to write.

In the 1970s, Howard travelled extensively throughout Australia, Europe and Asia, keeping travel diaries along the way. 

He developed a love for poetry over the years, starting out by writing fun little poems for family and friends celebrating a special occasion, or for school staff members departing and retiring. “It became a habit of friends to ask for a poem to help celebrate!” 

Howard is a Feros Care client on our Short-Term Restorative Care program (STRC), designed to help individuals recover from injury or illness. 

As a free service funded by My Aged Care, it’s driven entirely by the client, who identifies their goals; Feros then makes it happen! 

Howard appreciated Feros so much that he wrote one of his much-loved poems about the program: “Writing poems has become a task that gives me pleasure and brought a laugh from others.” 

Check out Howard’s firsthand experience to learn more about STRC and how it’s impacted his life for the better. 

STRC with Feros Care – by Howard Drough 

I’d been slowing down in recent years; When younger I enjoyed many sports; I received a letter from Feros Care; “Who’s Feros Care?” I asked myself. It wasn’t long before she came; Pam explained the scheme to us; Pam sat down with us A lot of information was absorbed; “It’s to get you back to feeling your best! “You’ll have a Physio visit you, Dietitian, Exercises and more. “Eight weeks’ funding’s there for you, “Strength, balance and mobility Pam seemed to know her stuff;  I had Keisha the Podiatrist;  There’s Alex the Dietitian  The OT showed us Kitchen Aids I have new incentivesIf I had needed crutches, Eight weeks goes so quickly, All along these changing times Every day since I’ve been sick So, as my program comes to an end I’ll end now, but thank you all  Thank you, Howard, for your poem!

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