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“The support we’re getting is first class”: Why Jim loves his home care package support

77-year-old Jim Campbell knows that life isn’t always easy; however, he was lucky enough to meet Simon Kelly, a Feros Care Wellbeing Manager, who knows how important it is to always have someone in your corner.

Due to suffering from chronic nerve pain, there are some days when 77-year-old Jim suffers with tasks, even when it’s as simple as getting out of bed.

He and his wife, Patricia, were lucky enough to meet Simon Kelly, a Feros Care Wellbeing Manager who knows how important it is to have someone in your corner when things are proving to not be so easy.

Through Jim’s government-funded Home Care Package, Simon arranged physiotherapy and acupuncture to ease Jim’s pain, and supports the couple with other services, such as house cleaning and technological support.

“You know Simon’s got your back,” says Jim. “He’s the type of bloke where his word is his bond and that makes all the difference.”

“He does his job and you’ve got assurance about him all the time which takes the pressure off us. And the support we’re getting is just first class.”

The respect is mutual. Simon describes Jim as ‘stoic and happy’, and his wife Patricia as ‘a joy’.

“Although Jim is in a lot of pain, he’s still always happy and Pat is just so appreciative. They never complain and are always positive despite their struggles,” says Simon.

“I’m lucky to work for Feros Care because it means all my clients are appreciative thanks to the timely and consistent service they receive.

Being an advocate for those who need it most

Simon has dedicated nearly two decades helping the vulnerable – from youth, to the homeless and now the elderly. He says his work in delivering Home Care Packages to seniors is about empowering them to live more fulfilling lives and being an advocate to ensure they get the supports they need to do so.

“The role you play in their lives, particularly when they’re isolated, is huge,” he says.

“You’re everything to that person. They need somebody in their corner to stick up for them and really make sure they are getting everything they need and deserve.

“I’m an advocate for these people and I feel honoured to be in such a privileged position.”

The Feros Care difference

Simon has experienced many of his clients switching to Feros Care from previous providers and loving the results.

“At Feros Care, we are lucky enough to have a large team of long-term staff. Our clients can often have consistency in carers, which is a really big thing, especially for people with dementia.”

Consistent staff is something Patricia is grateful for as it means she can strike up a friendship and there’s no wasted time explaining what’s needed.

“The same lady comes fortnightly to clean my house which is a huge weight off my shoulders as my emphysema is getting worse,” she says.

“Jim gets physiotherapy and acupuncture in the home which has been amazing for him and I know that down the track I may need this too so it’s peace of mind knowing how easy it is to ask Simon to make it happen.

Where technology changes lives

Jim and Pat have also managed to be trained on an iPad, with Simon arranging lessons for them, allowing them to email and video call their family.

“I’m no bright spark when it comes to modern technology but my teacher is very patient and it’s all falling into place bit by bit,” Pat says.

Simon says it’s being able to provide innovative programs like ‘Let’s Get Technical’ (our computer and mobile phone training) and individualised supports that makes his job so satisfying.

“It’s so good to be able to see the positive impacts of your work,” he says.

“Feros Care invests time and resources into our clients whether it’s to teach them a new skill, reconnect them with an old hobby, regain independence or connect them with family and community.

“It’s all designed to keep them engaged, happy and healthy. Ultimately, we want them to be where they’re comfortable and for most people, that’s in their own home.

“What’s fortunate is that there is a provider like Feros Care who is so dedicated to this cause that it invests and innovates to empower people to become better and improve their quality of life.”

Jim couldn’t agree more: “What other company in the world would do this for you?” he asks happily.

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