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There’s an app for that

Did I, or didn’t I? It can be hard to remember what you did this morning, let alone yesterday. And recalling which home carer is coming, on which day and for what purpose, can test anyone’s memory – not to mention all other, everyday things we have to keep track of. But now there’s an app or online portal designed for just about everything you can think of. Whether you’re a tech newbie or a pro, this stuff is a serious game changer.

Let’s start with MyFeros, our customised, self-serve portal available to Feros Care customers on any smart device – at any time. MyFeros lets you log in to see everything from which carer is coming each day, to how much remains in your funding package. Plus if you’ve been looking for a reason to get Google Home, we have one. Just sync MyFeros with Google Home and take company of your kingdom from the comfort of your chair. With simple voice commands you can easily confirm appointments, book a new service or ask when your next carer is due.

If you’re anything like us, any smart tech that makes life easier is a must. A wide range of useful aged care apps can be easily synced with Google Home too, while your phone or smart device can also help you stay safe, organised and connected. Here are just a few ideas we know you’re going to love…

Senior care apps to keep organised in 2020

Medisafe, MyMeds, Pillbox

Medication apps with a range of features including flexible scheduling, medication tracking, script refill reminders and medicine information.

Health Engine

Helps you find an available doctor (GP), dentist, physiotherapist, chiropractor or psychologist, and book your appointment online.

Health Direct

Supported by the Commonwealth and State governments, this is a simple, 100% doctor-approved source of health information and advice.

Feros Care Care@Home

Live independently in your own home with a discrete personal or medical alarm solution installed for peace of mind.

Voice Dream Reader

Turns text into speech for the vision impaired and can read PDFs, web articles, documents and books with a choice of voices and 27 languages.

Over 40 Magnifier and Flashlight

A magnifier and flashlight in one. Perfect for deciphering the fine print on medication packaging and for finding things in the dark.

Feros Care Virtual Social Centre

A ready-made online community to jump into with special interest groups, workshops, exercise programs and other activities to enjoy – without leaving the house!

Skype and Facetime

See and connect with family or friends wherever they are for free with these video-calling apps.

Google Play Books

Listen to audiobooks on your Google Home speaker while you’re washing up, gardening or just relaxing.


Walking is one the easiest and most accessible ways to stay in shape and improve fitness. MapMyWalk is the perfect way to track your progress.


An award-winning brain-training games and puzzles designed with input from neuroscientists and educators for a cognitive workout.


100% free to use, Flush is your pocket public toilet finder which uses your phone’s GPS to pinpoint your location and the closest public loos.

Phone Finding Apps

Find My Device or Find My iPhone are two of many apps available to help locate your device when it’s buried under the newspaper or in another room. We all seriously need this one!

Hungry for more age-friendly technology? Discover all the smart Feros Care assisted-living technology by clicking here, or get started on MyFeros by clicking here.

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