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When a career move changes everything: Ammorie’s aged care story

While she turned up to work every day, and sat behind a computer, and did her job – her heart wasn’t in it. She didn’t look forward to going to work every day, and she didn’t find it rewarding.

So she took the leap and did a certificate in aged care before becoming a community support worker in Port Macquarie.

Ammorie has worked for Feros Care for six years now, supporting older Australians within their home and in the wider community.  

This is what she loves about her career change, and her tips for others looking to do the same.

Life as a community support worker

Every day is a bit different for Ammorie. It might involve working with a client to get them up and ready for the day; assisting with meal preparation; or gardening.

She might also take clients to appointments, social outings or out to go shopping.

She loves the opportunity to build rapport with everyone she comes across – and says that building those friendships is the best part of her job.

“It starts with introducing yourself, ensuring you have a smile,” Ammorie explains. “Asking questions is important. How they are, what they like, and just build from there.

“You start to find out little things and you start taking the time to make them feel comfortable in their own skin and in their own home – and you get so much more out of them when they are comfortable.”

Ammorie says that she learns so much from the stories that her clients have to share, and the advice they have to offer from their life experience.

“I get to learn about things I’ve never even thought about, which is really exciting and interesting to find out.

“That’s absolutely the best part of my job. I find it so rewarding.”

Making change – big or small

Ammorie knows that she can be a big part of someone’s day, and she is well-aware of the differences she can make.

“It’s the small things that clients really appreciate. Coming in and helping them in their day to day life goes a long way to ensuring they can explore the world in a different way, or enjoy their lives more.”

For example, Ammorie often takes the time to notice where something hasn’t been cleaned in some time, and ensure she makes the effort to dust. Or she will pick some flowers from the garden and put them in a vase inside so that a client might enjoy

Recently, Ammorie even picked out a special gift for a client who is from New Zealand.

“I’m a New Zealander as well, and I knew she hadn’t been to New Zealand for a long, long time. So the day before I went to her house, I went to a fruit and veg store and I bought a New Zealand fruit, a feijoa.”

Ammorie says the client was “beside herself.”

“The smile on her face was unbelievable. And it just brought back so many memories of times that she had in New Zealand.

“That was a real highlight for me, I was just beside myself as well. I really felt as though I was able to give back.”

Top tips for career changes

It’s never easy to make a big change. Ammorie says that she thrives off staying connected with the team at Feros Care, going to regular meetings both online and in-person.

She likes that the company is innovative, and that she can use her background in technology and analytics to support clients with their computers, email accounts and online banking.

“It’s great to support the clients through embracing new technologies, teaching them how to connect their smart TV’s, using their iPads, that kind of thing,” Ammorie shares.

“Feros Care are also helping me upskill, we participate in education every month.”

As for new starters in the world of aged care?

“My top tip is to listen to whoever trains you, whoever has wisdom and knowledge in the space, and learn from their experience.”

“Other than that – just breathe! Have fun! Enjoy!”

Thinking about becoming a community support worker? We have positions now available with Feros Care across Australia.

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