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How Margo Knox teaches us to embrace positive ageing and the ‘afternoon of life’

Every so often, we meet an extraordinary person with powerful hindsight, foresight and positive energy, reshaping the way we understand ourselves and our purpose.

One of these visionary dynamos is Margo Knox, author, speaker and ever-popular presenter via our Virtual Social Centre.

Margo’s refreshing optimism and enlightening view of ageing consciously have resonated with many through her ‘Wisdom Circles’ session.

Speaking candidly about transitioning from early and mid-life into elderhood, her insights are as transformative as they are inspirational.

Unification through the power of sharing

Leaving no stone unturned, Margo facilitates important and often unspoken conversations around growing older, frailty and death. Her transparent approach invites people to talk about their fears, uncertainties, and triumphs in a safe, supportive and relaxed environment.

“We openly discuss loneliness, missing absent friends, partners, husbands and wives, and what it means to have so many around us transitioning through death,” she says.

At a glance, you may presume that such deep content could trigger an uncomfortable intensity; however, Margo’s sessions are filled with light, reassurance, and revelation.

“There is always a great deal of fun and laughter as we traverse and share our lives as Elders.

“We laugh and smile with each other in a way that creates camaraderie, and it’s true that sharing our burdens helps make us feel lighter.”

Ageing: friend not foe, and a time of willingness

Margo destigmatises ageing, turning common preconceived notions about growing older on their head.

“We are living longer than previous generations; however, we also live in a time where we view ageing as something to be feared or avoided, rather than embraced as a privilege.

“There are many of us who wonder if we are still useful in any way to our broader society, because we may have been told we aren’t.”

Margo is helping dispel these theories and misconceptions. She guides the older generation to instead see themselves as custodians of a deeper knowledge, which can significantly benefit families and communities.

It’s a powerful realisation, and one she notes leads to a conscious choice for an individual to harness their newfound role as an Elder.

“An Elder who shows up as confident and grounded in their ageing body to any and all occasions, no matter the physical or cognitive limitations, is a leader worth following.

“We need more older Australians who will help each other in an altruistic way to combat ageism both in our culture and in our own minds.”

Professional experience meets life experience

Margo’s position as an enlightenment powerhouse is certainly no accident.

Her wisdom, infectious energy, and obvious commitment to practicing what she preaches have led to a long and fulfilling career.

Among other things, she has taught countless workshops including a Tedx Talk on Elderhood, acted as a support person for the families of those who choose to die at home, and written two successful books on mindfulness and ageing.

She’s also run ‘Death Cafes’, again unpacking the often-confronting thoughts, feelings, and emotions associated with end of life.

Margo’s ‘Wisdom Circles’ sessions bring together all of the above in a patchwork of knowledge, healing and shared experiences.

To learn more about Feros Care’s Virtual Social Centre, click here.

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