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Feros Care won the Gold Coast Business Excellence Award in the category of Health and Wellbeing for its innovative solutions that combine technology and aged care to improve the lives of seniors.

This award is sponsored by Pindara Private Hospital and The Southport Private Hospital, and recognises businesses who are meeting the increasing demand for health, wellbeing and medical products and services.

Jennene Buckley, Feros Care CEO, said the organisation has always been a strong advocate for using technology to improve the lives of seniors and people with disability.
 We realised how powerful technology was for supporting the business, our staff and our clients.
“15 years ago, we had to adopt digital service models due to necessity and to support our growth. We realised how powerful technology was for supporting the business, our staff and our clients. Our technology solutions range from telehealth services, smart home and enabling technologies, state-of-the art contact centre, mobile technology and a range of virtual environments to keep both our remote workforce and clients connected and engaged.

“Today, technology and innovation is our passion. Each day we witness first-hand how technology is improving the lives of seniors and people with disability.”

“Our team works closely with developers to diversity and adapt their technologies and wearables to meet the needs of seniors and people with disability. By re-purposing smart technologies, we are able to provide a world of possibilities for seniors and people with disability, by helping them feel more confident,” she said.

Just some of the cutting edge technologies available through Feros Care include:
  • [email protected] - originally developed on a home security system – is now providing seamless health monitoring so people to live independently at home. Sensors and intelligent algorithms learn your daily habits and behaviours and sends an alert to loved ones if your daily routine changes. [email protected] is also playing a key role in reducing carer fatigue because your family and friends know that should anything happen, they’re only a text message away.
  • Lumo lift, which was originally designed for people sitting and working at computers. It is a small, lightweight wearable to improve your posture and a healthy back. Lifelink has since repurposed this to help prevent falls. Once a person has experienced a fall, they have less confidence and tend to look at the ground and watch where their feet are going.
  • My Health Clinic At Home that monitors a person’s vital signs from the comfort of their own home, transmitting the results to a Telehealth Registered Nurse via video-conferencing.  Seniors use a touch screen computer and video camera to maintain regular contact with their health team, allowing for early identification of acute or chronic episodes for timely intervention and reduced hospital admissions.
The Feros vision is also aligned with the Government’s Aged Care Technology Roadmap – a joint initiative by the government and the aged care industry – to support aged care providers to integrate technology into their services.

Ms Buckley said “The Minister for Aged Care recently said that technology in aged care will be ‘critical’ to maintain and improve delivery of care and services. This could not be more true, and Feros will continue to investigate and trial innovative solutions to meet the needs of an ageing population.”