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Anne Carlin, 66

Age: 66

Palm Beach, QLD

Anne is a lifelong educationist from working in schools, TAFE, prisons, research and policy. She’s bossed those trade teachers and passionately encouraged those good folks, inspiring the most vulnerable of learners. A self-confessed “bleeding heart” and proud of it. Anne not only passionately cares about education, human rights, equality, justice and the environment, but she is a woman of action, writing letters, making phone calls to pollies, tweeting, demonstrating and marching proudly in the street. She loves, loves, loves the arts – theatre, dance, art, books and says it’s pretty hard to beat the high you feel (apart from sex) when you’ve been immersed in an amazing performance.

Now, she says she’s done enough viewing of art and wants to make some herself and while she may say she is “not particularly creative”, we’re not buying that for one minute! Anne Carlin – there is a first-class creative pedigree with power and passion right there.

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