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Beth Jessup, 70

Age: 70

Mona Vale, NSW

Beth Jessup – published writer, singer, publicist and Tinnie commuter – is no stranger to edge-of-your-seat performance. Beth once sang Pink Floyd’s “Great Gig in the Sky” atop a cherry picker. Top that! She contributed to “The Two Of Us” column in Good Weekend Magazine for 4 years and ran a successful publicity company. Beth swims year-round in the rockpools of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. But right now, she’s here to remind us that “there are many paths you go down in life” beyond a mother, a grandmother, a wife. She is here to be a slam poet.

I am

I’m a coffee at 11


I’m a book in bed at night

I’m a slam performing poet

I’m a swimmer in the winter

I’m a old age denialist


I’ve got things to do

With this life in front of me


I’m a slow food, fast living bla bla


I’m a willing adventurer

Not a sad pensioner

I’m a spirited venturer on the big stage of life OR

A reborn performer on the big stage of life


I’m an introvert, an extrovert

I’m a swimmer and a singer bla bla


Not a selfish money grabbing Boomer

As some would assert

I’m a grandmother

I’m a mother

And still a daughter too


This is where it gets a bit better!


Sure I’ve struggled

And I’ve cried

I’ve flooded rivers

With my tears

But I wouldn’t swap those tough times

In a million years

For with life’s progression

Come the tragedies and the failures

The triumphs big and small

Those bad times were needed layers

For the bigger spirit’s summoning it’s call


I’m blooming now

As I never did

I’m honest with myself

I accept the lines of character

Carved on my face

I accept I’ve done all I could

Given what I had

The talents, the dreams, some fulfilled, some not

The love and care of kin and friends

The natural world around me


My parting gift to all of you

Don’t fear your one dear life

Listen to those inner whispers

That call you in the night

It’s there your path will emerge

Don’t settle for what’s safe

Treat life as a great adventure

Let the whispers navigate

Then when you’re done

You’ll smile, you’ll look back and you’ll say

I loved, I laughed, I cried and sang

I made the big mistakes,

I dived in whole and didn’t drown

And learned

That taking risks can open doors

To truer, bigger life,

After all it was mine to live

My one and own dear life!


Some more lines!

For within my spirit’s come alive

I’ve got nothing left to hide

I’m freer as I have never been

I’m thrilled with this life unfolding

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