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Joy Griffin, 82

Age: 82

Coffs Harbour, NSW

“I am passionate about having positive, optimistic thoughts, and keeping away from negative ones. The brain is so powerful.” Words of wisdom from Joy Griffin, author of memoirs and poetry. Joy has played violin in an orchestra and taught new generations of musicians how to play both the piano and violin. Because she is multi-faceted as well as multi-talented, Joy trained and worked as an RN (Registered Nurse). We can’t wait to see Joy Slam down some positive, optimistic thoughts as part of her poetry.

Just like the Garden

I love to gaze at pretty flowers

 and marvel at their beauty

I’m a gardener from aged ten

The magic of plants growing


I’m a keen musician

The notes paint a picture too

——-just like the garden


I’m a lover of the ocean

Walking along soft sand

Watching rolling waves

—like another land


I’m interested in people

The unfolding of their lives

The ups and downs of living

Ailments often in disguise


I’m a spiritual person

Christianity appealing

Believing in a Higher Power

Like a brilliant coloured flower


I’m a person on this Earth

World closer now with Covid

We are all in the same boat

Trying hard to keep afloat


I’m on a search for happiness

Happiness the core appeal

Making other happy

Is what makes life more real

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