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Margaret Cunningham, 71

Age: 71

Pottsville, NSW

Maggie Cunningham Webb sailed into Slam with a well of creativity and wanderlust in tow. She has already published a book about her great grandmother’s life, so a zest for life and achievement must run in the family.  In fact, both Margaret’s parents were artistic and creative. She lived in Ireland, Italy, London and Scotland before moving to Australia with her second husband and four children. The twists and turns of Maggie’s life slammed with her love of writing and performance will make you sit up and take notice of what this slam poet has to say.

My life in decades 

0-10 years:

Nineteen forty-five

Cork – Ireland

Creative – parents

Both Red-heads

Five Children

All Red-heads

Crowded home

Fun and sharing.


10-20 years:

School – Nuns

Seaside – Holidays

Theatre – Drama

Boys – Dating

Rock ‘n Roll dancing

Big brother goes to sea

Office – Junior

Switchboard – operator


20-30 years:

Nanny in Naples

Speaking Italian

London – Bank clerk

Married  to Jake

Move to Scotland

Two baby girls

Jake’s sudden death

Sadness – Grief overload.


      30-40 years:

Return to Cork

University – widow

Teaching – remarry

Build – house

Two – more

Beautiful – children

No – job – security

Time – for – change.


40-50 years:

Emigrate – Brisbane

Australian – adjustment

Teaching – rewards

Marriage – failure

Financial – struggle

Solo – Mortgage

Decisive – Divorce

First – Grandchild


50-60 years:

House – full

New – start

Meet – Norm

13 year – Partnership

Australian – travels

Interesting – Times

Cancer– won

Norm – lost.


60-70 years:

Found Tony – online

Another – house

Seaside – lifestyle

Around – the – world

In – 100 – days

Terminal – illness

Major – loss

Wonderful – memories.


70 –

Alone – once more.

Fourteen – homes

Four – children,

Four – grandchildren,

Worldwide – friendships

Along – my – journey

Three – funerals,

One – divorce.

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