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Max Harris, 65

Age: 65

Canowindra, NSW

Our resident scribe, Max lists his creative writing portfolio as “sonnets to slam, haiku to lipograms”. He can bash out a slam as quickly as we can all say ‘you’re still on mute.’ Not usually to Max though, being the baby of the group at a spritely 65, he’s also our resident IT support and Zoom wizard. He’s our philosophical SC (you’ll have to listen to his poem to decode), our belly dancing, Latin grooving, weightlifting, record holding, unstoppable grandfather of 7 and “husband of two lovely women – one at a time, mind you”, SC. A slam citizen, performing at community events around NSW, he’s a country boy, in his spare time studying for a Degree in Food and Nutrition, searching for the next thrill of competition, SC.



the pen is stuck

in glue

in mud

the pen is in “I don’t know mode”


the words flow and then they grind



like drought rivers

billabongs of words

meandering from topic to mind freeze

to dead fish

dead carp

dead cod

green ponds

algae holes


the words are flowing caffeinely

now there’s a new adverb

the words are lurking

playing hide and seek

they hide behind my.. my.. what


the pen is stuck

replaying like a needle skipping on a record

vinyl scratching



practicing their dance

their track

is stopped only by Sarah’s watch

or tick tock thing


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