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Nina Milenko Marzi, 99

Age: 99

Byron Bay, NSW

Age is just a number when your life is the stage and your stage is… anywhere and everywhere! With the stage-ready name of Nina Milenko Marzi, Nina is renowned for living her life “out loud”. She has the heart of an artist and never stops energising, inspiring and entertaining those around her. Imagine growing up in Russia and China when Nina did. Drawing on her ample life experiences, Nina Milenko Marzi is able to connect with people from all walks of life, while never missing a chance to steal the spotlight. That’s so Slam!


I am a dream fulfilled

I am a flower that brings joy

I am an ever-changing cloud

I am a soft penetrating rain


I am a healer and a giver of life

I am a prayer to be answered

I am happiness that I carry in me

I am an ocean of love


I am filled with music and rhythm

I am always ready to dance

I am alive and I give life to others

Why walk through life when you can dance?


I am desire, everything is possible

I can achieve anything I want

My will to succeed brings forth my dreams

I can climb the highest mountain


I am getting younger, not older

My cells rejuvenate in me

I chew with all my own teeth

They are sharp and strong


I look back at my life of 99 ½ years

At the wonderful people

Who have shared my journey

I marvel where life has taken me


I am ready to fly with the angels

To the unknown worlds

To share with them my stories

Of dancing, drumming and my life.

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