Gran Slam 2020

Everyone Now! and Feros Care present: A slam poetry project for bold seniors

Everybody NOW! And Feros Care presents
Gran Slam 2020

After a huge success in 2019, Gran Slam, a project by Everybody Now! in partnership with Feros Care, is back. It’s reimagined in 2020 to reach more wordsmiths of wisdom and poetic seniors who are ready to step up to the soap box and slam – slam poetry, that is.

Spots are limited and registrations are essential.

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Gran Slam invites seniors in Queensland and New South Wales 65 years and over (or 50 years and over for Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islander people) to take part in a series of online workshops, culminating in a live streamed slam poetry event.

Under the guidance of an expert poet and literary performer, participants will learn how to write and perform slam poetry to move and inspire, exploring tools and advice for crafting a great poem that can be expressed through spoken word.

We then go head to head as our Queensland and New South Wales poets battle it out alongside special guests as part of the live streamed event.

Gran Slam Group Photo

No experience is necessary, just passion and enthusiasm to have a go! The workshops are fun, inclusive, inspiring and a great chance to come together as strangers and leave as friends, slamming down a few stereotypes along the way.

Now more than ever we need to hear the voices of older Australians, amplified and visible to the world. Gran Slam 2020 allows us to cross geographic boundaries and connect online through the power and passion of poetry.

Limited spots are available, so get in quick to ensure you are a part of this unique opportunity.

What last year's Gran Slam poets had to say
  • What a growth Gran Slam has added to my life! I am able to see poetry in everything. I lost so many inhibitions and have emerged so much braver and ready for anything.
    Wendy Taylor, 80 years
    New South Wales
  • I couldn't find fault from start to finish. The experience was something I will always cherish & am sincerely grateful to be given this amazing opportunity!
    Ruth Savage, 72 years
  • I can't stop writing - the words just keep coming to me! You don't know yourself what you can do until you participate in a project like this - and that is an important discovery!
    Nina Marzi, 98 years
    New South Wales
  • This project gave me a voice. What a wonderful opportunity for learning new skills and challenging myself to overcome fears.
    Julie Crow, 77 years
    New South Wales
  • The whole Gran Slam experience was very, very special. I don't know when I last felt so nurtured and cared for.
    Robbie Wesley, 72 years
    New South Wales

Masterclass Workshop Information


4 x 90 minute sessions


Online via ZOOM video conferencing. You will need access to internet and a computer. Assistance and digital support will be provided to all participants.


This project may be funded under a client HCP or CHSP funding. Feros Care may open the application process to the general public.

Workshop Dates

The alternative weeks will be a variety of online activities leading to the live-streamed event.


  • Tues 8 September, 10:30am
  • Tues 22 September, 10:30am
  • Tues 6 October, 10:30am
  • Tues 20 October, 10:30am

New South Wales

  • Tues 8 September, 10:30am
  • Tues 22 September, 10:30am
  • Tues 6 October, 10:30am
  • Tues 20 October, 10:30am

Live Stream Event Dates

Friday 30th October: Online Open Mic Night

Week of the 23rd November: Live Streamed Event (Details to be confirmed)

Spots are limited and registrations are essential.

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Masterclass workshop hosts

Photo of Luka Lesson

Team QLD - Luka Lesson

Luka Lesson is an Australian poet of Greek Heritage, his work engages with the mythology of his Greek homeland, the fiercely political and the vulnerably self-reflective. Luka is an Australian Poetry Slam Champion, has performed with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and has poems being studied in curriculums and educations programs across Australia. Luka has toured with Akala (UK), Nahko and Medicine for the People (USA), Tiki Taane (NZ) and Dr Cornel West (USA).

Team NSW - NSW team host announcement is coming soon.

Frequently asked questions

What is Slam Poetry?

Slam poetry is a form of performance poetry that combines the elements of performance, writing, competition, and audience participation. It is performed at events called poetry slams, or simply slams. The name slam came from how the audience has the power to praise or, sometimes, destroy a poem and from the high-energy performance style of the poets.

Is this for me?
I already have some writing experience in other forms of poetry / creative writing.
OR I have no writing experience at all but have always been interested.
OR I just love to try different things.

Yes, to all of the above! Our excellent facilitators will be able to tailor the workshops to a diverse group. We guarantee you that you will get something out of the process and learn a new thing or ten. Importantly, what our previous participants tell us that they loved the most was connecting with their peers and the lead poets in a fun and joyful learning environment.

I thought Slam Poetry was ‘rapping’ 

We’re not going to make you into rapping grannies. Although you can if you want! Slam and spoken word poetry is really diverse. There are particular poetic structures and a rhythmic style of delivery that many associate with Slam poetry, the heart of the style is about individual expression. Slam poetry does have a connection to hip hop culture and slam performances can often include musical accompaniments. Slam can often be fuelled by power and passion but we know this punch is something older people have in spades.

What is ZOOM and how do I use it? 

ZOOM is a video communications platform that enables conference calls via a computer or a smart phone. The will need access to the internet and ideally a desktop or laptop computer. Each Gran Slam participant will receive digital support and technology training to ensure they are familiar with the online platform prior to the workshops. Don’t let the technology stop you – we are here to help!

Why not face to face?

While COVID 19 restrictions are starting to ease in some states, the current state of the pandemic is still unfolding. We know that many older Australians are in higher risk categories and we want to make sure that everyone is kept safe during this time. However, creativity is not cancelled and connection is key! This is a great project to express yourself, to connect with others and have a great time, while still in your own home.

What part of QLD or NSW are eligible to register?

Any! The great thing about going online is that we can reach you anywhere, as long as you have access to a computer and a good internet connection.