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Short Term Restorative Care Case Study
Judy's Story

Judy's Story

Improved mobility and support lifts quality of life

With reduced mobility and a history of falls, Judy* had become isolated in her home and greatly concerned about her loss of ability to walk and cope.


Despite living independently in a unit in the community, with regular support from her daughter and friends, 87 year old Judy* had become socially isolated. Due to fluctuating pain and a reluctance to commitment to regular involvement in groups activities, Judy was experiencing feelings of grief, loss and fear around her sudden decline in functional capacity.


Judy’s predicament was compounded by health issues including a spinal injury, hypertension, heart conditions, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, pain and bowel cancer. She also had a history of falls, poor sleep, weight loss and general fear.

Goals and Outcomes

With a Feros Care Short Term Restorative Care program designed specifically for Judy, by a multidisciplinary team of allied health professionals, she was able to improve her mobility, reduce her pain and improve her overall health. Judy goals were:

  • To walk without walking frame or stick in 8 weeks

    This ambitious goal was partly achieved, with Judy being less reliant on her 4 wheel walker (4WW) and confident enough to use her stick for short distances.

  • To walk with reduced pain in 8 weeks

    Due to her fear of falling and pain, Judy had limited her outings. However Judy expressed a 10-fold improvement in her self reported pain.

  • Diet assessment to improve health

    Judy made dietary changes designed to decrease her risk of stroke, increase energy levels and reduce the impact of weight loss over last 12 months. Heart healthy changes included increasing intake of protein, unsaturated fat and omega-3 rich foods.

  • To feel safer at home and be able to manage garden

    A garden service was arranged to get Judy’s over grown garden to a position where she could maintain it without the fear of falling.

  • Appropriate footwear assessment

    Following a podiatry assessment suitable footwear was purchased to reduce pain when walking and support increased mobility.

  • Case Management to assist with future needs

    To support Judy’s wish to live independently for as long as possible, she was introduced to planning and support services for current and future use.

Tailored Solutions

After the 8 week Short Term Restorative Care program Judy felt very impressed with her improvements – mostly due to the exercises provided. She was more confident in her mobility around home and commented that Feros Care was the most professional of all Aged Care agencies she had dealt with.

  • A Home Safety Review conducted by an Occupational Therapist introduced a lightweight 4WW, plug in night sensor light, external ramp and door magnet to improve access to home.
  • An Exercise Physiologist created a program to improve strength, balance and pain management.
  • Podiatry assessment lead to the purchase of correct footwear.
  • Dietician advised and introduced diet improvements.
  • All of the OT aid and equipment recommendations were installed.
  • At the end of the program Judy achieved a Timed Up and Go improvement of 9%, Sit to Stand improvement of 11% and Balance improvement of 25%.

To find out more about eligibility for Short Term Restorative Care contact Feros Care on 1300 763 583 or visit the page by clicking here. 

* Name changed for privacy.

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