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Short Term Restorative Care Case Study
Lorraine's Story

Despite a broken wrist, independence was restored to 89 year old

Intervention and a tailored program helped an 89 year old, with a complex range of health issues, maintain her independence and remain in her home after an injury.


When 89 year old Lorraine* fell and broke her wrist, she was suddenly unable to manage her daily activities. With her son unavailable to provide the daily care required while her wrist mended, a move into full-time residential care seemed inevitable.


Lorraine wished to remain independent in her own home, however her situation was complicated by a range of underlying health issues including deafness, vision impairment, amnesia/memory loss, moderate dementia and the ongoing risk of more falls. Plus with her broken wrist in a cast, Lorraine was no longer able to cook, clean, wash, dress and shop without assistance.

Goals and Outcomes

With a Feros Care Short Term Restorative Care program designed specifically for Lorraine, by a multidisciplinary team of allied health professionals, she was able to achieve each of her goals.

  • Walk to the local shops independently

The program restored Lorraine’s confidence following her fall, allowing her to walk to the shops and to the homes of local friends.

  • Complete a load of washing independently

By managing the pain in her wrist and improving her strength, Lorraine was able to manage her washing.

  • Prepare and cook a hot main meal

Lorraine built up the strength to be able to fully prepare her main meals.

  • Maintain current weight

To allay her fear of losing weight and becoming frail, Lorraine was introduced to Meals on Wheels and received meal prep assistance until he was able to cook again – maintaining her weight throughout the program.

At the end of the program Lorraine was able to complete all ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living) independently and remain in her own home.

Tailored Solutions

After the 8 week Short Term Restorative Care program Lorraine was back on her feet and enjoying independent living again.

  • A Home Safety Review conducted by an Occupational Therapist lead to the installation of a hand rail at the home’s entrance and additional specialist equipment including a quad tip walking stick, a four wheel walker, jar opener, can opener and angled cutlery.
  • An Exercise Physiologist helped Lorraine establish strong physical foundations. The result was improved balance, cardiovascular endurance and both upper limb and lower limb strength.
  • Lorraine’s reablement program focused on assisting with meal preparation and other domestic services, enabling her to remain in her own home during her recovery.
  • At the end of the 8 week program Lorraine achieved a 13% improvement in Timed Up and Go, 26% improvement in Sit to Stand and 34% improvement in Balance.

To find out more about eligibility for Short Term Restorative Care contact Feros Care on 1300 763 583 or visit the page by clicking here. 

* Name changed for privacy.

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