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Manage your services with voice command

In an Australian-first, clients can now access and manage their services using voice command through MyFeros and Google Assistant.
As a MyFeros user, you’re already enjoying the benefits the portal has to offer, including managing, requesting and cancelling services, overseeing your account financials and liaising with the Feros team via the messaging tool.

While you’ve been enjoying the benefits of MyFeros, we’ve been working hard on a solution that creates an accessible service experience for everyone, regardless of age or ability. Aimed to improve the quality of care we provide our clients around Australia, we’ve paired Google Assistant technology with MyFeros, changing the way clients with conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or vision impairment can interact with us. There is no longer a need to call or click to connect with us to change a service or send a message, although these options will always remain available – you just ask Google to talk to Feros Care.

MyFeros and Google Assistant
A better way to communicate

Why choose MyFeroa and Google Assistant?

More control

The partnership between MyFeros and Google Assistant puts absolute control back in your hands. Remain on top of your service appointments, track your funding, and manage your services by simply asking your Google Home device to do these things for you.

More certainty

You will always be first to know of any changes. The transparency of MyFeros means that you will always know who is coming and when. No unexpected visits, and no feelings of uncertainty. Just ask Google what your services are for the day, and you will be up to date.

More ease

Whatever the reason, you will no longer have to go to extreme lengths just to make the smallest changes to your services or to talk to our team. With MyFeros and Google Assistant, everything can be done from the comfort of your home, at the command of your voice. No fumbling with different devices or struggling with inaccessible service solutions.

To learn more about getting a Google Home device set up in your home, please send a message through MyFeros.

We look forward to working on technological solutions that revolutionise the aged care space and help seniors live independently in their homes for longer.

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